Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Writter's Workshop Lesson #6: Show, Don't Tell

Yesterday, we practiced a new skill in Writer's Workshop. We added the tool "Show, Don't Tell!" to our Writer's Toolbox. This was a fun one to work on!

Writer’s Workshop Lesson # 6

Show – Don’t Tell!

Good writers show the reader what they want him or her to understand.

Example (1 of these!)
It’s a rainy day.
Rain dashed against the window.
Rain drops splashed in the puddles on the street.
The principal is angry.

Megan’s eyes flashed as she roared at the kids sliding on the ice.
Kaleigh is a happy girl.

It’s Kaleigh’s birthday today, she is bouncing up and down, she is so excited.
Kaleigh is so excited, the whole class stares as a huge smile spreads across her face.
Kaleigh is jumping up and down with joy.

The degus are naughty.

The degus escaped and destroyed the computer mice.
The degus are so naughty that they chewed through the wires of their cage and ran around the classroom all weekend.
The degus darted around wildly with computer mice dangling from their jaws all weekend.

Now, your turn to practice:

Non-example: There was a big storm this weekend.

Non-example: Madi is funny when she plays our new Gym game.

Non-example: They found the treasure.

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