Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Skype Mystery Call - Jobs

GreetersNear Isaac at beginningSay hello to the class and some cool facts about our class - without giving away the location.
InquirersNear Isaac throughoutask questions and are the voice of the classroom
AnswerersNear Isaac throughoutquestion answerers - should know the facts pretty well
Think tankAt a table near Isaac with Clue Keeperssit in a group and figure out the clues based on the information they knew, whiteboards came in handy for this.
Clue KeepersAt a table near Isaac with Think Tankwork closely with Think Tank, answerers and inquirers to help guide them in their questioning
Question KeepersAt class computer lab table with Google Mapperstype all of the questions and answers for us to review later
Google MappersAt class computer lab table with Question Keeperson Google maps and CIA World Factbook studying the terrain and piecing together clues
Atlas MappersAt a table near Isaac with Clue Markersuse atlases and our wall map to also piece together clues
Clue MarkersAt table with Atlas Mapperswork with paper maps and cross out any countries/provinces/states that don’t fit into the clues given
MessengersAround the classroom, looking for raised signals move from group to group relaying information.
PhotographerMoving around classroomtakes pictures during the call
Problem SolverMoving around classroomhelps students with any issues they may encounter during the call, getting supplies and resources
ClosersNear Isaac at endend the call in a nice manner after guesses have been given
We got some great help from this website, and a LONG class discussion (we were all exhausted by the end of it!), but I think we're sorted for our first Mystery Skype!

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  1. Hello Room 209!
    I have told anyone who will listen that I was truly amazed on Thursday by your mystery Skype. You are worked hard and as a team, it was impressive. Keep up the good work and have a great weekend!