Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Madi's Fractured Fairy Tale!

Puppet Pals is an app and you can record a story by using your voice and have characters and backgrounds. I did my Fractured Fairy Tale on this. I used paper as a script. It's easier because you don't have to type it up. It was very fun and awesome, you could have any character that's on there and you could change the setting as you were recording. It was very fun.

Madi's Fractured Fairy Tale

-by Madi

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  1. -I liked it when you talked very clearly in the video. Next time, I think you should be more aware of what is on the screen. (Sophia)
    -I liked the format you presented in, it allows for a lot more flexibility in how you show it. Next time, I think the people in the background should be more quiet. (Pat)
    -I really liked your idea for sharing with a Puppet Pals. Next time, I think you should explain who a character is before you put them on. (Vickie)