Our Chromebook Adventures

Rainbow Eggheads: Some important links for our daily Chromebook routine
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If you play FreeRice as a warm up in the mornings, please visit the form Camden made so we can track the amount of rice we've donated: Free Rice Tracking

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The Story:
In December 2013, I attended a fabulous conference, the Google Apps for Educators (GAFE) Summit in Montreal, QC. In his closing remarks, Dr. Mark Wagner from the EdTechTeam who put on the conference directed participants' attention to an amazing grant program that they created. Part of the money made from these international summits is being put back into classrooms and into the hands of teachers and students. Throughout the weekend conference, I realized (and texted my VP) that I needed 1:1 devices to continue moving forward with technology integration. So, the dream was born.

Upon returning to the amazing Rainbow Eggheads, I shared this possibility and they sprung into action. We collaboratively wrote the grant application, they filmed an amazing iMovie about what life would be like with Chromebooks and we sent everything in for a quickly looming deadline.

I was shocked when, less than a month later, we learned that we had been granted a class set of Google Chromebooks.

Less than two months after submitting our application, the Chromebooks arrived.

There are a lot of things to consider when working with 29 students and each of them has access to an exciting new technology. Come back regularly as we collect experiences, successes and resources to share with you!