Tuesday, 12 February 2013

On the Digital Degus' Blogs This Week

I am constantly amazed at the initiative my students show. I have given short lessons to some of these students, but for the most part, they have learned to blog ALL. BY. THEMSELVES! Check out the amazing things they're up to!

Camden's providing us with a quick way to learn ukulele! He said that this could even teach someone non-musical - like ME!

You've gotta read what Fin did on the weekend! She's caught the altruistic bug! She and her family took part a really fun and charitable event!

Fiona's got all kinds of stuff going on! She's writing about Mystery Skype, Stop Motion, and she wrote a book review. Something went wrong the with the photos on the book review, though. I can't see them, can you?

Mel's joined the blogging world! Make her feel welcome, will you!?

Miguel posted a song from Youtube, but it was taken down. Take a look and see if you can figure out why it was taken down.

Sophia has a cat vote going on. Do any of the cat's personalities affect you in YOUR heart?

Molly JUST started her blog today! Very exciting! Welcome to the blogosphere, Molly!

Liam has promised to tell us about Chinese New Year! Stay tuned to his blog to learn more!

I'm looking forward to seeing blog updates from Gabby, Jackson and Millie! Vickie is going to get her blog back up and running too and I know there are a few more students getting set up with theirs! Great stuff, Digital Degus, you're getting more digital each day!

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  1. what i found cool is the qatar is pronounced (KAH-ter)isn't that cool