Thursday, 7 February 2013

Take an Idea and Run With It!

Hello Digital Degus,

  Today in the computer lab, you will be taking an idea and running with it! I have posted A LOT of ideas lately and want you to take some time to build on those ideas. You can select which TWO blog posts to comment on, but you must comment on at least TWO of the blog posts listed below:

(Alternately, if you have your own blog, you could make two posts describing your ideas, then leave a comment on the appropriate post to link to your blog!)

You MUST comment on TWO (or more of the posts below)
1. Pennies for Polio Fundraising Ideas
2. Flat Classroom project possibilities - A Week in the Life or Life Round Here
3. Read Aloud Day ideas
4. Awesome Project proposal
5. Stop Motion ideas

If you have selected a NEW item, you MUST update your Where Project topic

You may also visit and comment on the following blogs:
Laurie and Lisa's Blog
Rock of Ages Blog
or your classmates' blogs

Expectations for your comments:
-relates to the post that you're commenting on (Fiona)
-add new ideas! (Kaleigh)
-more than one sentence. (Sophia)
-JUICY! (include details and care) (Sophia)
-share your ideas before you forget them, you can write them on paper before typing them (or on a word processor) (Thomas)
-think before typing (Jackson)
-answer in full sentences, don't write gibberish (Laryssa)
-read over your work before hitting "publish" (Vickie)
-read the other comments before posting so you're not being repetitive (Laryssa)
-reply to other people's comments, continue the conversation, build on people's ideas, this can help us make groups for activities!

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  1. For my stop motion video I wont to do
    a video about how bullying is not cool