Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Our Final Day of Mathtastic - Photos and Words by Thomas

Mathtastic ended in the fall, but we're just now getting around to publishing some of the awesome photos we've had sitting in our "Drafts" folder on the blog!
Sophia is working with her mom to solve a problem.
Hunter is working really hard with a Smoothie for a Brain Drink!
Jack is working with his mom and he's giving me a funny face. The boxes in the background are from a long time ago when we were doing Cardboard City!
Daniel, thinking very hard with his gigantic pencil!
Miguel is having lots of fun measuring the hallway.
Vickie is counting how long she threw a cotton ball.

Lauren is writing things in her Math Notebook and I think she likes the Canucks!
Melodee is working with really hard with someone is her group and they're working really well together.
Madi is getting really deep into her Math!
All of the girls are working together to solve a pretty hard problem.

I thought Mathtastic was a really good experience, it taught me and the whole class a lot more about Math.
-all photos and words by Thomas

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