Wednesday, 6 February 2013

On The Daft Degus' Blogs

Millie is writing about how much she's enjoying Math and giving you tips on how to calculate area and perimeter. We'll talk more about Bansho in class and do an official Bansho lesson, which is a three-part Japanese-style collaborative Math lesson.

Camden made a crossword about computer functions that you can click and fill in right on his blog! Super cool! He's so techy, I can always rely on him (and Pat) to help me out with my tech problems!

Fiona did some magic tricks with Juliana to confuse her family. I wonder if they ever confuse them by switching places?! They actually videotaped the tricks and posted them to teach them to you!

Gabby's posting lots of music, especially helpful for ukelele players! Check out all the cool videos she posts.

Head over to Miguel's blog to vote in his contest for the cutest wiener dog! Today is the last day for voting!

Sophia is playing with the settings on her travel diaries blog and she'll be putting up photos of her trip to Montreal soon!

Melodee's starting her blog tomorrow. Vickie's getting hers back up and running tonight! If you'd like to start one also, talk to your parents, make sure you have your own gmail address and make a plan with me to take some time to start it up. It doesn't take long. Just ask Sophia!

Talk about awesome initiative! Keep up the great work, bloggers!

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