Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Our First Field Trip: Feeding Black-Capped Chickadees - by Lauren

It was a LOOOOONG time ago....and it was cold a little bit, not that cold and the chickadees, I think they were saying, "Free food! No vending machines! Go ahead if you wish and look, let's stalk them!"

I got to feed about 127. It was kind of creepy. One was on my head. Actually, three were on my head at once! And they were playing with my hair, not something you want! And, Mel, she followed me around. The chickadees liked me better. It was weird.

Oh, wonderful Madi! And boys!
Kaleigh and Mike, looking at AWESOMENESS, a.k.a birds!
We're hiding, can you find us! Nevermind, they're boys, you can find them!
-by Lauren

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