Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Stop Motion Videos

If you want to watch the awesome collection of Stop Motion films from this year's Film Festival, check out the Vimeo link.

Pulleys, Levers and Gears - demonstrations by students in Room 209

Today we watched an awesome Disney Imagineering video about Pulleys and Levers and were inspired to go on a Simple Machine hunt throughout the school. We shared our information in different ways!
-Show Me by Fiona and Lauren

-Youtube video by Laryssa, Liam and Cohen
-Show Me by Jack

List by Pat:
Today in class we did a science mini project. In it, we had to go around the school and find simple machines. Here's mine! Enjoy!
Display screen, globe, hamster wheel,  axle on clock, axle on door, wheels on moving desk, wheels on cart, wheels on moving chair, hands on clock, door, door handle, light switch, pencil sharpener, pins, and sand timer.

Many more episodes of "Fantastic Pulleys, Levers and Gears!"

Monday, 29 April 2013

Steve's Visit - by Hunter

Steve (Millie's dad) makes Adobe after Effects and teaching us about visual effects.Like when you make something that is not actually there.Now he's teaching us about motion graphics when you make something that is not there for real and make it move.Its All really cool and we are the first class to see the new adobe after effects logo!


We even got to write our own Annoying Orange scripts and Steve will be putting them together into a video for us! We'll post them here soon!

Friday, 26 April 2013

Some Recent Skype Calls

...with Miss Robin to debrief our Skype filming.
 ...with the Chan kids before they left for their trip to the Dominician.
...with my mom and dad before they took us skiing with them down Mt. Whistler!

Gagnam Style with Kit

CORE Leadership Symposium

Last Friday, I got to accompany 14 awesome Churchill students to a fantastic one-day Leadership Symposium put on by Nepean High School's CORE students. It was a GREAT day for us all! I loved seeing our students get out of their comfort zones and push themselves to do something new, meet new people and try new things. Stay tuned to see what they do for the rest of us at Churchill!

Bansho! The Potato Problem

Comm Cups

 In Room 209, we've started using "Comm Cups", we use these to communicate our comprehension levels with the teachers in the room. When everything is going well on our individual work, we show our green cups. When things are going OK, but we might need help soon, we show our yellow cups. When we're totally stuck and need help right away, we show our red cups. Then the teacher knows to come over right away. This helps everyone in the room to focus more quietly and independently.
 We use the Comm Cups at different times in the day and students have started to get them out by themselves in order to help show their comprehension. So far, they've been a really helpful tool when we work on Math activities, and Language activities like Text Busting.

Post Filming Wrap Dinner