Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Cardiovascular Fit Rotations

I've invented a new version of the "Fit Rotations" that students really seemed to enjoy! We tried a seven station "Cardiovascular Fit Rotation". Usually our Fit Rotations are focused around strength development with a little bit of cardio mixed in.
For the new Cardio Fit Rotations, it was all about Cardio! In my demonstrations, I was talking and moving, and got out of breath demonstrating all seven stations!
It was hard to get shots of kids participating in all the stations, because some of them were REALLY fast and all I got was a blur zipping past!
By the end of these new rotations, everyone was breathing hard and we sure needed our Brain Drinks!
I think the hurdles were the most popular, and one of the fastest, rotations!
The students got a much-needed rest at the end of the Cardio Fit Rotations!

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  1. cool photo at the end i really like how you focused it on the bright orange hurdle!