Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Fielding Friends and Fielding Friend Letters Arrive! - by Gabby

Fielding friends are our class and a class from Fielding School, we write letters to each other explaining about ourselves and what we like and we can ask questions about the other.

A long time ago, these paper people came! They are four of our Fielding friends!

That's me, Madi, Sophia and Kaleigh. It's very exciting to get them and to read them and then write back!
Camden looks very excited because he was in a Mario phase and his Fielding friend was writing about Mario!
Melodee, Madi and Kaleigh reading their Fielding Friends letters to each other!

We are waiting for our Fielding Friends letters to come and we will be very excited when they do!

The End.

-by Gabby

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