Monday, 4 February 2013

World Read Aloud Day

Hello boys and girls,

  I just signed us up for World Read Aloud Day! It is on March 6th, 2013.

  Remember when we did Stand Up for Girls? I learned about that day through LitWorld, the organization that coordinates that even. They also coordinate World Read Aloud Day!

  How do you think we should celebrate? Maybe we could do Random Acts of Reading Aloud (RARA) and take things we've written (poems, short stories, awesome metaphors, etc) to share around the school. Maybe we should contact an author to read aloud to us via Skype! What are your ideas?


  1. i think we should read a book that Penguin
    published because i read some of those books!

  2. I think we should do a reading flashmob!

    1. So we could go out for recess and one person could start reading (like me) and the others could then go around her/him!

  3. 1 of my ideas for RARA is:
    We can get a author to read to us from that website and we can also create our own stories to read to classes around the school(randomly) and we could also read some to Anna! Or we could read stroies from our class!

  4. i think we should make a book and then send it to the ather and then thay could read it


  5. I think that the kinders would really like this because they all probably love stories so if we all made one they would love it.

  6. i think that we should do what we did for the poety slam elective.

    we right 4 5 minuts then pass your paper to the person on your left

    then @ the end evryone reads aloud the story that they r holding.