Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Learning About Qatar and Teaching About Alternative Schools

On Friday, February 22nd, six to ten teachers from the country of Qatar are coming to visit Churchill. They want to learn about Alternative Schools, because they are considering opening one in their country.

Let's spend some time today learning about Qatar so we can be very welcoming to them.

Step 1: Visit some of the sites below and read about Qatar. (Read, understand, look away, write)
Kids World Travel Guide: Qatar
Fact Monster: Qatar
World Factbook: Qatar

Step 2: Make your FIRST comment on this post, writing in full sentences, in your own words, and share two interesting facts you learned about Qatar.

Step 3: Make your SECOND comment on this post, writing in full sentences, and share two reasons why you think an Alternative school is a great place for kids to learn. 

Remember: I have had to turn on Comment Moderation, so I have to read and approve all comments BEFORE they are published. So, when you hit "publish", your comment won't appear right away! Give me a moment and then refresh your page!

Double Check: Before you move on to another activity, make sure you've followed ALL instructions and made two comments on this post.

UPDATE: Fiona has decided to write a post to respond to this instead of leaving comments! Check it out!
So did Fin! Check out her's!
Mel, too!

Once you are done, please visit the Stop Motion post and join in the conversation there. Next week, I will split you into groups and you will create your storyboards to get ready for filming. This is your chance to share your ideas and develop those ideas that you like. Your classmates have come up with some AWESOME "Movies With a Message"! I can't wait to see these movies come to life!

UPDATE: I have the list ready for Stop Motion groups. If you want to be added, post a comment!


  1. Hi Shauna what I learned about Qatar is...

    The population is "885,000" and about 89% can read and write!

  2. The people of Qatar speak Arabic]

  3. In Qatar,

    In 2012,the total amount of Airports (with paved runways) was 4.

    The main Languages are: Arabic (Official), and English as a second language.

    The Most common Qatari Religions are: Muslim 77.5%, Christian 8.5%, other 14%.

    The birth rate is around 11 births/1000 population.

    The death rate is around 2 deaths/1000 population.

    The life expectancy for men is: 76.11 years
    for women, it is: 80.12 years


  4. Thomas the amazing13 February 2013 at 09:06

    Hello what is up I found two awesome facts about Qatar. There population is 1,951,591 that is how much they had in July 2012. The two langauges they spech are arabin and english.

  5. The languag in Qatar is :arabic.

  6. Hi Shauna I really like Alternative schools because it doesnt matter if you win or lose!

  7. in qatar alot of people there speak arabic,and the capital city that they are living in is called doha city

  8. The growth rate of Qatar’s population is really fast and they must manage there financials really well cause just about 1, 951,591 people there and they already have a university.


  9. Good morning Shauna, here is my comment for Qatar,
    Qatar is a relatively small country, bordering only 1 country (the rest of the country is coast), but they aren’t very poor. Qatar’s capital is Doha and they are hosting the world cup in 2020!

  10. what i like about alternative schools is that they don't have uniforms

  11. the the population of qatar is 885,00 and the population of canada is 34,482,779 that a big difference.
    - molly

  12. Communication-(sorry it’s a little old ) 309.700 people have un-mobile telephones

  13. Alternative schools are great Because they don't give grades on work and they are a nice learning enviroment

  14. I think they should Make a alternative school beacause alternative schools really help kids learn and have fun with it! I also think that it helps kids make freinds.

  15. i think that an alternative school is a great place for kids to go

    because there are no competting and competting can really hurt

    peoples feelings because everyone is saying WE WON YOU LOOSE!

    and that is very mean and can really make people feel upset:(

  16. Thomas the amazing13 February 2013 at 09:14

    Alternative school are very different because they don't give grades and not alternative school give grades. They don't give grades because they don't want to compare the grades with other people.

  17. Hi Shauna, here is some stuff I found:
    -Languages in Qatar- Arabic is their official language, and English is usually their second language!
    -Qatar unfortually has AIDS, but only a bit of it. I wil do more research on that later, at home.
    -They have a location in the Middle East

    I hope you approve my comment and I am very interested in this stuff so I will do more research at home cause I know this isn't really much!

  18. the population of canada is 34,482,779 wow that is alot but the population of Qatar is 1,870,041 so canada is biger


    1. this is a link to the population. Its the top one.

  19. Good Morning

    Fact:In Qatar they speak Aradic.
    The Capital City is AL Dawha in Arabian

  20. Hiho!
    I have learnd some super cool facts!
    Did you know that Muslim is the most common religen in Qatar?!
    And that Qatar is the second richest coutery in the world?
    All because of oil!
    Oil is so hard to find that a coutery with alot of oil, has a good chance of becoming rich if it is poor now!
    I think these facts are super cool and I learnd so many things today!
    Bye for now!

  21. the population of canada is 34,482,779 wow that is big
    but the population of Qatar is 1,870,041 that is big to but canada is biger then Qatar

  22. Thomas the amazing13 February 2013 at 09:19

    Qatar has a lot of airports in the Country they have 6 airports.

  23. Good Morning

    1.An Alternative school is A great place to learn because it's fun easy.

    2. The teachers will help all the time if your stuck.

  24. the language in qatar is arobic i woder if thay speak any other languages but english.


  25. These are two fun facts I learned about Qatar!
    There are more boys than girls in Qatar the most of the boys are 30 and most of the girls are 34 (this was 2012 though so it might be different.) they have the total of 4 airports with paved runways and the total of 4 unpaved airport runways so in total they have 8 runways!

    1. Hi Sophia I think your coment is great


  26. I like Alternative schools because they are not competitive, (everyone is fair and and everyone gets to win)
    We get tests, but they are called "Show What you Know",
    We go from grades 1-6, and we have this thing called School of Rock and it is where people from grades 4-6 sing a bunch of different songs. We even got to prefrom at Westfest on the main stage! But sadly, the teachers are on strike right now due to some thing with the Government, so there will probably not be School of Rock this year. :( (All the other clubs are canceled too).
    Churchill is awesome! We do fundraisers like the Food Bank, and other stuff. Every year we hgave the Churchill Craft Fair, (it's in the winter), where you can buy handmade stuff and set up your own stands to sell stuff and there is a bake sale!

    These are some of the reasons why I like Churchill.

  27. HI,
    For the facts about Qatar and the reasons why Alternative schools are so awesome, you can cheak my blog!!

  28. Thomas the amazing13 February 2013 at 09:28

    Qatar installed generating capacity is 3.893 million Kw.

  29. Hiho!
    I think that a alternitive school is a great place to learn because

    1.the teachers teach in so many cool ways so that everyone can lean no matter how they learn [everyone learns diferent ways on diferent days!-Shauna my teacher!]

    2.every kide can be creative!They can be who they want to be!
    I think it is a great idea to start a alternitive school in Qatar

  30. the resin why alturnative schools are so good is becuse no grades so your judged farly and thare are split class' and strat class'


  31. The qatar they where in the would cup the socer would cup in 2012 and they played for hours in the really hot desert sun

  32. The square miles of Qatar is 11,586 and the land boundaries in total 60km

  33. I think that an alternative school is really great places to learn because you can be eccepted there and people don’t judge you because it is good to be different and that is what a lot of people are not many people are the same.
    I like the alternative system and that’s what I like because I have never ever gone to a non alternative school!

  34. The qatar they where in the would cup the socer would cup in 2012 and they played for hours in the really hot desert sun

  35. Hello Shauna,
    Please visit my blog I did the assignment.

  36. why churchill is so awesome is because once I went to a public
    I got homework every night for an hour I was so happy when I got to go to churchill buut I was going to miss my friends so I didn't'want to go but now Iam so happy I have new friends and the best teachers ever but shuna is my fav teacher to bad Iam not going in shuna's class!

  37. Hi Shone one of my fun fats are
    Family day at malls in Qatar be every
    Day of the week

    - Madi

  38. the great thing about Alternative schools is there no grades so you can foucus on school work not your grades

  39. Ithink that i like our school then the one that i ues to go to because when i was in grade 3 i had lots of home work but hear i only have home work if i do not finish my work that i think is fair dont you?

  40. hi shauna in qatar pepole only speck arabic and english daniel

  41. the ocean is all around Qartar it is so cool

  42. hi shauna teachers from qatar & any one else who is reading this,
    what i laerned about qatar is;
    most citys are on the west cost , the provinses are called:
    -al khor
    -il aziziyah

  43. Shauna come visit my blog i got some info on Qatar

  44. On the flag, the colour white represents a symbol peace and the red colour represents the blood from the civil war.

    -by Madi

  45. Alternative Schools are awesome because:
    -you don't get marks because some people might feel sad if they get an F when they tried really hard (Daniel)
    -some people don't like being competitive (Dan)

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