Thursday, 28 February 2013

Our First Field Trip: Hug a Tree - by Millie

So, we went to this place called the Wild Bird Care Centre and we played this game called "Hug a Tree" and it's where you get a partner and it's where you or your partner are blindfolded and they lead you around and take you to any tree they want. You have to feel the tree and you have to guess what type of tree it is. Lauren was my partner and she brought me WAY into the forest and I didn't know where we were and I tripped a couple of times.
Liam lost his glasses and everybody was looking for them and finally Shauna offered a reward to whoever found them and it was five dollars. So, then when everybody heard what Shauna had to say, they all went wild looking for the glasses, but Shauna said not to go wild because they could step on them!
But it turned out that Liam actually found the glasses, so he got five bucks!

-by Millie

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