Thursday, 31 January 2013

Junior Condition

Matt and Jeff came in today to record our class album. We got five tracks down and we'll be listening to a rough cut tomorrow! It's very exciting!

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Food Adventures: See No Bagel, Hear No Bagel, Speak No Bagel

Camden, Jack and Jackson realized, with hilarity, that all three of them had the EXACT same snack - Bagelshop sesame seed bagels with cream cheese! They became three monkeys with them!

Our New Treasure!

We got a SMART Board! It's not quite up and running yet, and we've got some smudges of glue to deal with, but we're SUPER excited to use the SMART Board!

This Week's Big Ideas

In Room 209, we've been reminding ourselves of some Big Ideas every morning. We added one more to keep us on track this week. At the bottom of the list we added: "We will speak, not whine."

Luv2Groove Day 3

Check out the Luv2Groove website! They run camps over the March Break and summer holidays, and they have a blog, too!

Luv2Groove Day 2

Luv2Groove Day 1