Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Twitter Workshop With Gillian's Class

On Monday, we led two more Chromebook Workshops for little buddies! We paired up with Gillian's class to teach them how to use Twitter. They started a Twitter account that you can visit: @the3gggs 

Gillian's Great Graders (the 3 Gs!) are hooked on Twitter now! They Tweeted away while they were on a field trip to the Museum of Science and Tech.

In our workshop, Gillian's students each wrote a tweet introducing themselves. We checked who had media permission and made sure that those who did not have media permission used only their first initial and did not post any photos of themselves. Findley's introduction was very cute! Each of Gillian's students then wrote a second tweet, describing something they are learning. Tom talked about liquids and solids. Finally, each little buddy included a picture in their tweet. Jayme showed some awesome math she is learning!

It's great to tweet when you have a class account and one of the ways for followers to enjoy seeing what is going on in a classroom is for each student to sign his or her name after a tweet.

I know that I am really enjoying seeing Gillian's class, from the inside! Even though we're only across the hall, it's a way for us to feel like flies on the wall in her room and see what's going on during the day!

Monday, 26 May 2014

What Stuck With Us Today - May 26th - Ryan's Well and 2 Chromebook Workshops!

What stuck with you today?Anything else you'd like your class to know?What's your name?
1. The presentation from the person from Ryan's Well. I learnt some new cool stuff about them.
2. The Chromebook workshops. It's good to practice them 'cause we'll be doing them in the future.
3. Track and field. I'm actually kinda good at passing the baton, I just have to get the timing a bit better.
just try even if you cant -Ryan wells

kinders are awesome-G class

What stuck me today was Ignite. I was fun to start working on it and I have lots of great ideas for my presentation. Gabby
Today what stuck with me was making pass around poems with Erin's class, it was really fun! Ours was about a magical bunny named Funny.Clara
Today, starting the Ignite stuck because last year, it was really fun and I am so excited to do it again this year!
Also teaching Erin's class stuck because it was fun for both you and your buddie, although II did not do Gillians class, it was still very cool!
the ryans well presentationbananalarry
Today what stuck with me is 3 things :
1. i really liked doing the chromebook workshop with our reading buddies
(we all did a tweet on twitter about something educational that our little
buddies learned in school)
2. we did 2 chromebook workshops one in teh morning with erins class
(but i only go to do one workshop)
3. and, the ryans well presentation in the gym
I liked showing my buddy what twitter is and showing her how to tweet. I also learned about a liger for my presentation.My puppy finally knows how to sit!Millie
What stuck with me was Ryans well its was really interesting to see the story of all how it happened
What also stuck with me was the poems with erin's class it was really cute.
EVERYTHING WAS AWESOME!!!!!nope not today Yaro!
that i wasn't as good at tweeting as i thought i was
i worked with new people
and that ryan had a movie made about him and that girls had to carry two really big jugs of water and a baby on there back
Kaleigh awesome
starting to work on IgniteNOPEJack
A well costs $2000 big boys.Natapus
I thought that the Ryans Well presentation was very interesting
I also am excited for my Ignite presentation
I Thought that we didn't do much today
What stuck with me was todays workshop was Gillians class. It was soo cute!!!Camden
Whats stuck with me today is our work shops. I was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed the on with Erins class because the poems were fun! I also really like the Ryans well presentation because the video was awesome!Nope :)Hannah
I really like it when we worked with gillians class
I also liked the assembly
and Mc pufferson
Aaron McLeod


3.todays workshop
I am glad that I got to work with two buddies in the toolboxes. Yay we got an new gonoodle caricature. I am glad that we had a lot of Physical activity today.Johnny
im grumpy now
the chromebook work shopM!GU3L
What stuck with me today was helping are buddies from gillians set up twitter and learn about twitter Thomas!

Thursday, 22 May 2014

What Stuck With the Grade 5s - when the grade 6s were away at MacSkimming

What stuck with you today?Anything else you'd like your class to know?What's your name?
What's stuck with me today the quadrilateral slideshow, I didn't get enough time to finish it because Gillian needed help but I'm going to finish it at home. Hannah
What stuck with me was that platypuses get bigger by the farther you go down south of Australia.Natapus
not going to mac skimming is funstay back you'll get free stuffHUNTER!!!
I had fun being in gillians classYaro
Being in another classroom helped reflect on the class and look in what they are doing.Johnny
What stuck with me today was working on my Un-Disney story! I think it will be really good!Gabby
nothingbender {ellis}
what stuck with me was helping andrew with music because it was really funMadi
That we got to go in another class room.Johnny
it was fun working in Gillians class doing work without anyone telling you what to do and having the plan therenot todayYaro
Today, writing the stories stuck, I LOVE writing an getting to re-write a disney story was really fun and I got to make it my own!Nope.Vickie
What's stuck with me today is staying in Gillians class the whole day, I found it really fun and I'm excited for tomorrow (even tho I miss you).HAVE FUN!!!AND I HOPE THAT YOU LIKE THE CLASS YOUR STAYING IN AND YEAH!!!!!Hannah
Maxgaming NoOceanna
being in a 1/2 classJ4CK$0N(Jackson)

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

What Stuck With You Today? Room 209 Moms and Dads?!

What's your name?What stuck with you today?What can Shauna do to make this session better in the future?Anything else you'd like to share?
Alejlots of new to me uses for computers/cromebooksslow downgreat to get to know what our kiddies are doing with tech
yvonnethe kids need to know how to type
and i dont know how to get this working from time to time at home
AndersHow it enables the students to work independently but still allowing the teacher to track what they are doing
ElizabethThe tracking charts are amazing to help kids stay organized and on track.You could have the students introduce some of the topics.Thank you so much, Shauna, for the taking this time to uncover the mysteries of Chromebooks!
JenOie! Where to begin?!! This is all so overwhelming and yet exciting as well. Honestly, I have no idea!!! Is there a way to improve on this? Everything is all so well put together.Hunter is lucky to have had you for two years and we hear that a student protest to ensure that this becomes a three year run is underway!!!
SuzanneThe different levels of how to use the Chromebooks stuck with me...using the Chromebooks or any technology to redefine, to create new ways of doing things, to do things that haven't been done before. Perhaps create a mini collaborative assignment for the participants to engage in? Thank you for taking the time to show us what our kids are doing!
PattiThis was an excellent session which really explained how Chromebook enhances the classroom learning experience. I also loved learning about Free Rice and the other free learning programs.I think the format was perfect!
kengoogle cloud, realtime collaborative, kan acad, so many options and ways to share your thoughts and work, how do you keep track of it all?
StevenI just learned about freerice and I think it's a really neat and interesting program. I'll happily take this to share with my colleagues tomorrow.The session is quite good as it is. Possibly adding a little more information on what the cloud is would be helpful for some of the adults. It's a difficult topic for adults to understand coming from a background/culture of "I own it if I can hold it".I constantly hit the left control key instead of the shift on the chromebook keyboard.
normahow much easier this was than I thought it would beIt's too bad that it is not board-wide. All this knowledge and information will probably not be continued next year - for those going on to junior high.
KayrenI really like the check-in opportunities you have the kids do (how do you feel/what stuck with you, gives you the ability to check in with them individually...

Also love the daybook being available and the ketchup/mustard/pickle trackers.

The mentoring process happening with the Eggheads training other students is pretty awesome.
It was very well organized and presented!Thanks for providing this opportunity for us to come in and learn about Chromebook usage in room209.
 Many Room 209 families joined me tonight for our "Day in the Life of a 1:1 Chromebook Classroom" session. I thought it was a big success. Here's what your moms and dads learned!

Friday, 16 May 2014

Chromebook Workshop With Alena's Class

Today we did our first Chromebook workshop with Alena's class! They did the "Collaborative slideshow" one. What we did is I (Pat) made a form and three sideshows related to the grade two/three curriculum and Alena's class with a room 209 buddy voted on witch slide show they want to do and worked on a slide on that one. The three slideshows are below.

Clara and Leah took some of their Chromebook workshop time to create a form. Please answer their "Favourite Animal" survey below:

Thursday, 15 May 2014

What Stuck with Us - May 13th-15th - Meeting our Bridlewood Buddies and More Hacked Classes!

What stuck with you today?Anything else you'd like your class to know?What's your name?
I like drawing my Unicorn/PegasusNoAlex
Skye's pony drawing lesson. I never knew that I was capable of drawing a pony like that. THank you Skye!!!Clara
skyes pony lesson !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Phobophobia is the fear of fear larry
THE PONY DRAWINGS! I really love drawing and I think Skye's presentation was awesome! She explained it really well, and it was so fun to draw! Can she do this again?may the pony be with you - skyeMillie
What stuck with me was Skye's lesson! It was hilarious, and fun, and awesome. Although... I can't really say that about my drawing...Camden
Skye's art lesson! It was really fun and I learnt stuff about art.Nope.Pat
Wha's stuck with me today is Skyes art lesson, it was really fun, I enjoyed it a lot and I think we should definitely do it again!Hope the rest of your day is GREAT!Hannah
The thing that stuck with me today was the hacked lesson. I really loved it. I think Skye did a great job and she taught it nicely and waited for people. I love drawing unicorns!! The other thing that stuck with me was writer's toolbox. It was very helpful.Fiona
what stuck with me was the art class because i realized that we are a hacked class after all!!!Madi
Today getting the unicorn lesson from Skye was awesome, I think that it is really great to get to try new techniques with art!Nope.Vickie
What stuck with me today was Skye teaching us how to draw my little ponies! It was really fun and I cant wait to finish my drawing!Gabby
its fun to draw poniesHUNTER!!!
PONYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNICORNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PEGASUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND RAINBOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yaro!
What stuck with em was the pony art that Skye did it was so fun and now i know how to make a ponyThomas!
The Unicorn, Pony and Pegasus hacked classroom art stuck with me today.NOPE.Jack
today what stuck with me is the pony art by skye
it turned out that i was actually really good at drawing ponies!
i liked art and when we drew unicornsmolly
More hacked class action today with Unas.No, Not today.Johnny
game on Miguel
Game on stuck with me today because I loved how we got to play a game at the end.Nils
Game OnAaron McLeod

>kids in lesotho cant go to school until they can put there arm over there head and touch there opposite ear.
>hacked classroom is really cool

pat's quote art and the old day video and the jamaicans video monMiguel
i learned some new quotes haha@bla.laMeL
WHat stuck with me about yesterday was pats art lesson i found it really funThomas!
what stuck with me is pats quote lesssoncherophobia is the fear of
a) cheerios
b) happyness
c) numbers
d) chairs
e) other ________
I had fun in gymthis was yesterdaysYaro!
What stuck with me was Pat's Art Quotes. It was very interesting. I really liked it, because you can literally put personalization into a quote.Camden
What stuck with me is when we watched all of the hilarious throw-back videos! They were so funny, especially the one where Ethan was doing the Spongebob dance for the degus. I also enjoyed gym with Owen and I liked playing Teacher's revenge. I don't really remember anything else... EQAO is coming up! oh noMillie
Today getting another hacked classroom lesson was awesome! I LOVE quotes and I had a lot (alot) of fun getting to re-create already great quotes! Nope.Vickie
The thing that stuck with me today was gym and the hacked quote lesson. I think gym with Owen went really well. We played World Domination and it's a type of dodgeball. I think we played well and we had good sportsmanship. I think the hacked lesson was really good. I liked the lesson a lot. It was well taught and it was an awesome art thing. Fiona
playing a good game of word domonasonoskye
i learnt that it wasn't hard to make your own quote from an actual quote Kaleigh awesome
Whats stuck with me from yesterday is Pat's art, it was a lot of fun and I would definitely do it again!!!!!Hannah
What stuck with me yesterday was go girls and the Quote lesson. It was very fun. Gabby
we are going on a picnic! ( :attack on titan ftwRetnuh (hunter)
what stuck with me yesterday was gym because sometimes things are not fare Madi
gym with owenAaron McLeod
The fact that we missed what stuck with you today because of gym stuck with me.NOPE.Jack
I am glad that we did a hacked class activity.Johnny
How hard it is to manage a doc! I wasn't expecting it to be like that.Nope.Pat
today i have 2 things that are stuck with me.

1. i really liked the art lesson that pat did about
the quotes.

2. and, i didn't like the gym game that we did today it was world domination
and i wanted to take off my glasses because i was worried that someone was gong to hit me in the face with a ball and then, i would have a great risk of the lens in my glasses coming out and slicing my eye open. that did not happen to me in grade 2 but once in grade 2 one of my lens in my glasses completely came out and i had to get a new lens.

so overall,
i hate that gym game and i'm not looking forward
to playing it again. if we have to play that again
hopefully i will not be at school at that day.
nope. that's all for today.Erika
What stuck with me yesterday was how energetic Tim was. I learned that if I really wanted to I could live on Venus. I could get a box that grows food in space for 3-4 to live off of. I found that really cool Clara
seeing my buddies woooooooooooooohoooooooooooYaro!
-That there is a winter!!!! lalala@bla.omgMeL
This is yesterday: What stuck with me was Tim's presentation, of course! I loved how he was so passionate about what he was talking about. He was really enthusiastic and I think that really rubbed off on us! I also enjoyed the Crazy Kitchen, trains, and the slides! I loved meeting my buddy for the first time, but she seemed to enjoy being with her friends:(The cranky monster lady was intense. I don't think she should yell at kids and adults like that... maybe next time we could try to cheer her up.Millie
Today getting to meet our buddies stuck with me, she was not in the school pic so I got to see her for the first time!If we go back, can the grade 5's do the sky thing with Tim? Vickie
the awesome star igloo thingy !!!! it was awesome !!! i also liked the presentation !!! by Tim !!!!hippopoto monstrose squippedalio phobia is the fear of long wordsLaryssa
what stuck with me yesterday was that some people learn on different day on different ways
and some people don't know that or don't get that and that we should try to make people more
aware of it.
What stuck with me yesterday was the science and tech museum. It was fun to see our buddies and to learn a little more about them. I didn't talk to my buddy that much but it was still fun to see her in person.Gabby
Whats stuck with me from yesterday was getting to meet my buddy in person, it was very cool because she was away on picture day so I didn't get to see what she looked like so then when I walked into the bus and she waved I got to see what she actually looked like!Hannah
Jack-H and I are instant friends (I was going to put and instant noodles joke there but it didn't really fit)lawlHUNTER!!!
the museum stuck with me today; I thought that Tim was a really really awesome presenter.NOPE.Jack
How energetic Tim was. I'm going to try to remember to do that for my art lesson.I was at my mom's friend's house yesterday talking about social bullying and I might want to do a lesson on it. Not definitely, though.Pat
Tim was Awesome!NoAlex
The thing that stuck with me yesterday was the field trip. I really liked the field trip. I think Tim was an excellent teacher. He was really into it and i really liked him. Fiona
what stuck with me was tims presentation HE WAS AMAZING as you can see it rubbed off on me Kaleigh awesome
the museum MIGU3L
What stuck with me about yesterday was the field trip it was really awesome to have a nice and enthusiastic teacher to teach us about spaceThomas!

Monday, 12 May 2014

What Stuck With Us Today - May 12th - A "Hacked" Gym Class and Double Buddies!

What stuck with you today?Anything else you'd like your class to know?What's your name?
What stuck with me today was the stuffie math because i finished the math and I learned new math skills Thomas!
hector needs 2 buddiesRetnuh (hunter)
people are doing tech time things.MeL
chromebook training with tiiu's classsA.M
What stuck with me today is the chromebook training again and the new gym game that Hunter and Yaro. It was really fun and I hope to play it again, even though it was kind of hard.Millie
Basketvolle. I think our team worked well together to get the volley ball into the hoop while doing volley ball moves.Clara
What stuck with me today was training the people who will be using our chromebooks tomorrow. It was fun to "teach" them how we use the chromebooks. I cant wait to hear what they will be doing with them tomorrow. Gabby
Whats stuck with me today is gym class, it was really fun and I want to do that game again!Hannah
chromebook training bender {ellis}
Today doing the chromebook training stuck, I had lots of fun getting to teach what I already know to someone else! I also enjoyed the new gym game, I think that it is awesome that the students get to make-up a game for the rest of us to try!Nope!Vickie
The thing that stuck with me today was the Chromebook training. I really enjoyed working with Tiiu's class. I'm glad that they are getting the Chromebooks tomorrow. The other thing that stuck with me today was the Geek Squad thing. I am really excited to go and do it. I am a little nervous, but still excited. Fiona
dear because i got in to a new book noskye
I think that my cromebook buddy does not co-operarate very wellNever hurt a catAlex
What stuck with me was reading buddies because i got to Do some really CUTE WORK with my buddy!!!Camden
that tiiu's class is getting the chrombooks tomorrow FOR THE FIRST TIME ya them good for them i'm so happy i helpedKaleigh awesome
what stuck with me was the Chromebook training Madi
seeing mt best friend gwendolyn in the mourning nnooc
Gym stuck with me today, because I liked the gym game that Yaro Hunter And Johnny made.NOPE.Jack
That I got picked for the tech conference! I really didn't expect to be one of the people who's doing it.Nope.Pat
it was fun doing chromebook trainingnot todayYaro!
The Chromebook training with room 207 students MIguEl
today what stuck with me is chromebook training.nopeErika

Friday, 9 May 2014

What Stuck With Us Today? We Loved Training 207!

what stuck with me today was working with tiiu's class because i realized that things don't always work out. Madi
What stuck with me was the training tuiis class because its awesome to let them have the same experience that we had.Thomas!
The morning routine stuck with me today because I forget what else we did.Jack
today what stuck with me is chromebook training.
our class is teaching tiiu's class how to use chromebooks!
Today what stuck with me today was Chromebook Training. I liked to train fellow students and I think it'll be just as fun with Chromebook training for other classes and younger students.Clara
chromebook training bender {ellis}
leadership club was fun and cant what to get started molly
Today teaching Tiiu's class about the chromebooks stuck, it was hard sometimes to connect or whatever but it was still a learning experience for both classes.nope.Vickie
Whats stuck with me is, when we did the chromebook training for room 207. It was cool and I'm actually happy that they get to use it and also I could tell that my buddy, Grace was happy about it.Have a good rest of the day!Hannah
The thing that stuck with me today was the Chromebook training. I really liked training Tiiu's class. I like the idea of sharing our Chromebooks with Tiiu's class. The other thing that stuck with me today was the math. I really enjoyed doing the math and my buddy was really into it (she usually gets bored.)Fiona
that a most every time we try to do something special it doesn't work at this timeKaleigh awesome
chromebook training with tiiu's classAaron McLeod
some people can learn really fastnophilip
The worm presentation at the wits sharing. I learnt tons of new things about worms.Nope.Pat
math buddiesYOLOJ4CK$0N(Jackson)
I had a good time with Chromebook training.Johnny
What stuck with me was helping Tiiu's class because maybe we can collaborate on docs with them at some point!Camden
It was fun working with zane doing the chromebook training.Yaro!
honestly the chromebook troubles M!guel
Tiiu's class got new fish for their aqua thigy majigHUNTER!!!
The chromebook training and the leadership club shark-finning project!Millie

An Adorable May Sharing

May Sharing

The Big Dance (Gillian and Natalie’s classes, Dance Mania)
-it had many different dances from around the world -Clara
-I caught on that it was different dances from around the world because the music was changing. They all were in sync and knew what they were doing. -Skye
-It was really fun to do the dancing-Laryssa

The Fire Dance (Alena’s class)
-I really liked it, I like how Alena’s class came up with it -Gabby
-It was, they had glow sticks and fake fires and it was in the darkness -Ali
-I liked the Fire Dance because they all knew what htey were doing, I’m pretty sure they practiced for a long time. I thought they were going to use fire -Jackson
-Everybody wore black, they just wanted to see the glow sticks and fire-Luis

Walrus’ Gift
-I liked how they read the book out loud and it was kids instead of teachers. Next time, they should all speak up -Molly
-I really liked it how they had different people instead of just one person -OC
-I liked that was a really calm story -Tom
-you shouldn’t exclude people -Lailah

Worms (Kindergarteners)
-it was cute how they kindergarteners were doing it-Lailah
-iot was really funny because worms like to listen to rap music and then when they showed us how big worms are -Ellis
-I found it really funny and I think it was really interesting because I learned stuff. I learned that along with horses and other animals, worm poo is used as fertilizer -Pat

WITS Videos (Room 209 and Roy’s class)
-I thought about the WITS videos it was funny. The part when Brody did the motion with his hands -Lochlan
-I liked the same thing as Lochlan-James
-I liked the one where they were in the library-Tom
-They tell you not to bully - Sam
-Don’t just say mean things or push - Lilah
-You should ignore it if someone is bothering you - Alex
-Walk Away - Sam
-Talk it Out - Clara
-Seek Help, Get Help - Tom

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Advertising Strategies

In Room 209, we are analyzing and creating ads and looking at the strategies advertisers use to sell a product. Ads are used to persuade people to purchase or do something. They can also be used to entertain and inform.

We have explored Persuasive Advertising Strategies like:
  • Amazing Toys/Amazing Abilities
  • Avante Garde
  • Bandwagon
  • Bribery
  • Cute Characters
  • Excitement
  • Facts and Figures/Expert Opinion
  • Family Fun/Ideal Kids and Family/Plain Folks
  • Heartstrings
  • Magic Ingredients
  • Patriotism
  • Put Downs
  • Scale
  • Snob Appeal/Are You Cool Enough?
  • Star Power
  • Transfer
  • Weasel Words
For more information on our advertising unit (integrated Language, Science, Health, Social Studies, Math and Art), check out our working document. This includes notes from class discussions and Success Criteria for each step of the process.

Below is the slideshow that we are currently working on.
Success Criteria:
-select an interesting ad
-write down the message the advertisers are communicating (the deeper the better!)
-write down whether you think this is an honest advertisement or not and why
-add a shape with the advertising strategies(s) used

Cozy Coding - Collaborative Slideshow About Computer Programming!

A few weeks ago, we had our highly anticipated "Cozy Coding Day". Room 209 came in jammies and brought stuffies and blankies and we coded for a big chunk of the day.

Check out the slideshow we collaborated on about our experience!

How We Feel Today - May 8th

Wordle: How We Feel Today - May 8th, 2014

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

A Mystery: Finding Vivian Maier

Skye discovered an intriguing movie trailer. There is a censored bad word in it, but we still think it's a great trailer to share.

Skye will be organizing an evening event where we can meet and watch the film with our families. Kate has offered to meet us and do some street photography before the film.

How We Feel Today - May 7th, 2014

Wordle: How We Feel Today - May 7th, 2014

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

What Stuck With You Today? - May 5th and 6th

Today what stuck with me today was frisbee golf. I never knew how hard it was to throw a frisbee at a still object, I thought it would be hard only for a moving object.Clara
that there a cool website on line whatKaleigh awesome
What stuck with me today was the gardening and it was cool to plant real seeds.Thomas!
What stuck with me today was "music" with Owen. Instead of playing the Ukuleles, we went outside and played frisbee golf. I was really fun! Gabby
The sketchnote stuck with me and choosing songs. I also enjoyed picking my science topic! The frisbee stations were fun tooMillie
I think that we should not go outside so much because i got to hot. I like cute cats.Alex
The thing that stuck with me today was the health project. I am really excited to start and get it going. I am also excited to get the biographies back from the printer!Fiona
The discovery website stuck with me today.NOPE.Jack
Today starting my board stuck, I like my topic and I am excited to learn more about it.nope.Vickie
gardening was fun and i had a good time i hope we do it again.bender {ellis}
That we might get to skate at recess!Nope.Pat
Whats stuck with me is my science topic thing! I'm going to study about what types of candy is easier to digest and find the bad chemicals and good chemicals!Hannah
Today what stuck with me is the science show!
i'm trying to think of what to do for my topic!
I brought in my sketchy notey thingie so I could enter a song. I also had lotsa fun with owen and we should do it (frisbee Golf)Yaro!
Im a good worm finder and i'm a frisbee golf bossHunter
What stuck with me was working on my sketchnote because I learned - at thought it was hilarious to find out - that someone wanted to ban a book for inducing violence and is "disturbing", where it actually was saying to not do something violent.Camden
I am glad that since we did seketchnoting we got to chose a song.Johnny
normalno reasonYaro!
music. we went outside and played frisbee golfJackson!
I really like when we did frisbee golf and alsoI really like when we did the garden stuff.A.M
normalno reasonYaro!
Today sketchnotes stuck with me. I liked how the format of it was. Clara
Today doing the sketchnoting stuck, I found it really fun and it is something I want to practice more.nope.Vickie
what stuck with me was the secret planing Madi
play doh is better than lead (or graphite) and I love sketch notingzawsxgfvbhnjmHUNTER!!!
What stuck with me today was genius hour. It was fun to work on the task that my group was working on. I also liked doing the Hacked school form. Gabby
geus hawer rocks it was so cool learning about the degusnoskye
genius hour project was super funmolly
I loved doing sketchnoting because I thought it was a fun way to take notes. a late May the 4th be with you Nils
Sketchnoting is what stuck with me! I think its really cool, and the fact that we did about Kid President was better.Millie
What stuck with me today was alot and a lot i learned what they both mean alot means the monster thing and A lot means like a lot of nutella Thomas!
The thing that stuck with me today was the Genius Hour project secret plan, I am really exciting to get it going. The other thing that stuck with me today was the hacked classroom, I am so excited to get going on that. Fiona
Genius hour stuck with me today because I took apart a keyboard and next genius hour I am going to make something different with the pieces from the keyboard.NOPE > nope
nope < NOPE
the helmephone [speakers built in to the side's of your helmemellis
The spheroMIguel
lotsa peeps liked my song!!!!!!!Yaro!
Whats stuck with me is Genius Hour, I learnt so much about hamsters! Mel, Kaleigh and I are going to get a dwarf hamster each, there going to be sisters. We already went to Critter Jungle and found the perfect ones! There only 4 weeks!Hannah
What stuck with me was genius hour, because I finished even more of my work, marked it off, and I'm nearly finished!Camden
mackey mackey and poetry clubAaron McLeod
sitting away from friends no, but I LOVE CHROMEBOOKS mel
I think that genuis hour was fun Cats are awesomeAlex
That I don't have to do as much work as I thought I had to in my MWH book.Nope.Pat
that bunnys cost a lot of moneyKaleigh awesome
Geinus hour was fun today, I am glad a lot of people from our school did the CN cycleJohnny
today what stuck with me is the degu experiments!nopeErika
I forgot a lot of punctuation in my biography.
And proper nouns.