Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Mathady Presentation

The amazing Digital Degus create innovative, exciting reflections in Math. You should have seen Laryssa's last two presentations! She shared her version of Jeopardy, "Mathady" with us to demonstrate her learning about Area and Perimeter. 
Three contestants, Liam, Kaleigh and Vickie, got to participate as Hunter kept score and Laryssa hosted. Thomas even brought Anna up to watch on Skype!
There were a variety of questions in a variety of topics, each more challenging than the last. Many of the students were eager to participate and Laryssa did a phenomenal job sharing her creative ideas with her classmates!
For her next Reflective Math presentation, Laryssa created another game, her version of Hangman, "Hangmath", asking the audience to answer questions about the addition and subtraction of decimals.

Many of her classmates were eager, enthusiastic and inspired by Laryssa's amazing creation of these games and subsequent hosting!

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