Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Skype Expectations


Skype is a video chat with someone, live

Technical difficulties – sound can go out
            -video may not work, you just have to retry
            -sometimes in the middle of talking it can disconnect
            -the screen can go black and say “Poor Connection”
            -you sometimes hang up by accident
            -there is a phone or camera in the corner, you need to
            press camera to see the person
            -sometimes only one person can see the other
            -sometimes the picture freezes
            -there is a bit of a lag

Skype Expectations
-speak at a good volume, loud and clear without yelling
            -speak clearly, because sometimes Skype doesn’t pick up
-if something goes wrong….
            -we can type what we want to say
            -don’t scream and panic
            -if the call ends, we just call back
-we need to be patient
-not everyone will get to be seen by Isaac
            -don’t push ahead to be in Isaac’s view
            -Anna’s seen us all in our video
            -we will Skype LOTS of times with Anna
            -we will all get to meet her face-to-face on Skype
-if you don’t get to talk to Anna today, don’t moan or groan
-don’t crowd around because someone could get hurt
-don’t interrupt other people
-if you have something in your hand, put it in front of you or put it where it belongs – especially paper makes a lot of noise!
-don’t talk to other people
-do your very best to follow all expectations
            -don’t worry about others’ behaviour
-if you need to go to the washroom, calmly approach Shauna
-good body language
-when you’re not talking to Anna, sit properly, be very quiet and have empty hands and listen
-listen closely so you don’t repeat questions

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