Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Skype Call #1 - Miss Nochumson's Class - by Kaleigh

Mystery Skype is when two teachers from different countries plan something for the classes and they have to figure out what country and city the other class is in. There are different jobs for the kids.
Mel trying to tell somthing to somone

Vickie holding up a Messenger sign and Laryssa and Fin working on maps.

Me and Camden and Jackson working together.

They are asking something to our Skype friends.

Mel is typing  a question on the computer
Isaac before the call
We are making a Messanger sign and a problem solver sign.
The heads of Thomas and Ethan and Jack and Molly.
They are listening to a question that our Skype friends are asking.
Fiona writing something down on a whiteboard.
The Atlas Mappers sign.
Finley scratching something out on the map.
Millie looking at the globe, trying to figure something out.
Ethan and Thomas, trying to figure something out. Ethan looks stumped.
Hunter and Miguel looking up something as Google Mappers.
The Globe!
Jack and Molly answering a question.
Me holding up a Messenger sign.
Someone crossing something out.
The atlas books.
Liam holding up "Hello Skype Friends".
The Greeters holding up the sign, "Hello Skype Friends"!
They are listening to a question and then the Answerers are gonna answer it. It was so much fun.
We are saying "Goodbye" to our Skype friends!

-photos by Lauren and Shauna

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