Tuesday 12 February 2013

Planning for Mystery Skype

Tomorrow we are going to be doing not one, but TWO Mystery Skypes! We will be virtually meeting two different classes in different places via Skype! We will be playing a game with them in which we will ask only "yes" and "no" questions and try to guess where they live and go to school!

We prepared a lot for this today and we are all very excited (with a somewhat nervous teacher) for tomorrow!

We watched a video in which a class did a Mystery Skype and got lots of great ideas.

Here's what we came up with:

Mystery Skypes TOMORROW!

We watched a video of a Mystery Skype
We noticed:
-a lot of people going on the Internet to look at maps and looking at maps around the classroom. -Daniel
-that they were using white boards and searching a lot of places in the world for what people were saying about where they live. -Sophia
-they were using real maps out of paper (in atlases, some printed maps)-Lauren
-they had different strategies to find where the Mystery Skype class was. They were looking up maps on computers, they were writing down guesses on computers and whiteboards. -Vickie
-some people were a bit silly. -Mike
-it was hard to hear the questions because other people were making noises. -Lary
-they had a bunch of resources to use – a map, someone typing up questions, google. They had them all set up. -Fiona
-they were using elimination. - Madi
-they were cooperating really, really well. They were talking nicely to the people next to them and trying to figure things out. -Pan
-there were a lot of electronics – google maps, Microsoft Word. –Ethan
-all the questions were “yes” and “no” questions. -Lary

We should:
-have some people typing to write down what we learn. – Mel
-switch jobs each time we do a Mystery Skype. – Mel
-we should print up a bunch of maps, we should scribble out the places where they’re not from. – Fiona
-we should ask them what time it is right then and look at a time zone map. – Pat
-keep the background of our class quiet so we can hear the questions clearly. -Thomas
-work together on the computer, one searching, one writing. - Gabby

A plan for our game:
-Introduction (hello, sing our class song?)
-Start game
-if a team gets a “yes” answer, they keep asking
-do we need to have jobs?
-What if they ask us a question we don’t know the answer to?

Questions ewe might ask:
-Are you in the northern hemisphere? -Lary-
Are you in the southern hemisphere? Thomas
-Do you have volcanoes where you come from? Mel
-Is there still polio in your country? Sophia
-Does it snow where you come from? Madi
-Is it morning right now? Pan
-Are you a poor country? Mollie
-Are you on the east side of the world? Fiona
-Do you have all four seasons? Gabbs
-Do you border an ocean
-Are you near the Pacific Ocean? Kaleigh
-Do you border another country? Laryssa
-Do you live in Europe? Jack
-Do you live in Holland? Jack
-Do you have any jungles? Mike
-Did you see any wild animals? Mike
-Do you live in Asia? Ethan
-Do you live in Moscow? Ethan
-Is it hot there? Vickie
-Are you in a large country? Camdonian
-Do you live near Brazil? Kay-Kay
-Do you have any endangered animals? Camden
-Do you have multiple languages in your culture? Pat
-Is one of them English? Pat


  1. I'm exited to do the mystery skpes tomorrow!

  2. That looks like fun wish my class could do it.

  3. Sounds like so much fun!! I look forward to hearing more about this tomorrow, and/or next week!