Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Indoor Recess: Lots Going on in Room 209 - by Camden

Me and Jackson making art for our pre-coming band.
Laryssa reading! Why does she have tape on the corner of her book?
That's Hunter, Pat and Melodee playing a game, that I forget what it's called on Pat's computer.
I believe that is Vickie, Erika, Finley, Fiona and Gabby with erasable white boards.
Kaleigh and Madi making pictures.
It's Jack and Haydon playing Fire Boy and Water Girl.
Thomas, Lauren, Miguel and Liam on computers.
Erika, Gabby, Fiona, Finley and Molly and I think Vickie's here too, just from a different angle.
Well, indoor recess was happening because of how cold it was outside. I thought it was kind of cool how it was snowing. I didn't really notice how cold it was, but I guess a lot of people did. When we stayed inside, people sort of got into random groups and it sort of stayed like that for two recesses. As you can, see some of the girls. Then, there was Melodee, Hunter and Pat. Then, there was me and Jackson, etc. There were a few groups playing games on their computers. Jackson and me were making art for our pre-coming band. We didn't do really a lot during recess, but it was worth it. At least I thought so. A lot of people didn't really like staying inside, but I did.

-by Camden

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  1. Great pics! Seems you had fun in your class, reminds me of the good old school days.