Wednesday, 26 June 2013

More from ignite the night by Sophia

Well this is our ignite. And only it is different than a student leads we were presenting what we learned this year in an ignite! An ignite is a slide show but there are rules you have 20 slides and each of them take 15 seconds to auto advance and in all that it will take 5 minuets! FUN! Right?
Each of us are making our own and they are all so FABULOUS everyone did such a good job so maybe I should shut my mouth and take some photos.
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Ignite the night by Kaleigh

We are doing ignite and it is so existing


By Kaleigh

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The Living museum

So what we are doing is the grade 4s are doing medieval
times and the grade 5s are doing ancient civilizations.
We are doing it on June 11th and we all worked so hard
So if you are a parent you should come.

Ignite Presentations

Today, we started work on our Ignite Presentations. We watched a few examples of Ignite videos and talked about some characteristics they all have in common and some techniques each presenter used in unique ways to make his or her presentation particularly effective.

Some Examples:

Why Blog?

My Beautiful Wheelchair

How and Why to Make Video Games

We are starting out by planning our Ignite Presentations on paper (that we folded into eighths) and will talk about next steps later this week. Some students already have ideas of how they want to create their slideshows. Many think they'll use the Google Drive, Molly wants to teach people how to use SmileBox and I think I'll show people how to use Prezi!

Here is what we've talked about so far (this is also a Google Doc that has been shared with all students in Room 209)

Ignite Presentations
-planning on paper first! Use one side of your paper!

Criteria for Ignite:
15 seconds per slide
20 slides
5 minutes

Criteria for Room 209 Ignite:
-what you learned this year at school
-you MAY include academic lessons, social lessons, physical lessons, lessons about yourself
-follows Ignite rules
-speaks clearly
-credit for photos, information
-be aware of your audience to engage them
1. Fold your paper into eighths
2. Design your slides and think about what you will say

Using Minecraft for a Project!

Austin in Tiiu's class created a whole bunch of structures in Minecraft and toured us through them, talking about the life of Chris Hadfield for his famous Canadian project. As I said yesterday, finally I see an educational use for Minecraft! Way to go, Austin, this was creative and innovative and I'm sure, very fun for you to create!

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

More about scuba diving

 This is are manta rays

The Portuguese man of war is so dangers if you get stung you don't put pee on it like a jellyfish and don't put fresh water on your sting put vinegar on it .

Bye for now
Bye Kaleigh 

Shauna's cousins a scuba diver!

She is teaching us about sharks and fish she is teaching us awesome facts about sharks it is so fun and it is a great show! We finished are awesome fish now we are naming it Fishiocus dancucuse with a underline under the name it was created in room 209. Sharks have bin around for 250.000 million years ago where the Dino's where still alive and they where perfect. We are looking at sharks back then on google images they look so weird. We are look at a Japan shark it looks like slime now we are looking at extinct species like tephopods. We are looking at lung fish looking at amphibians they look awesome to me but to shauna it looks gross. There are lots of fish in the carrabien Looking at manta rays. Looking at water animals and whales have hairs all over there body looking at awesome jelly fish. Jelly fish have really high a electric volts. We are looking at nurse shark body parts. Bye and sighing off with your host


Science in the school By Melodee

We just finished science in the schools and it was so 
much fun! I did coking, and we made cinnamon rolls!
A lot of people did goop, liquid and many other 
Science thing.

By Melodee 

Shauna's cousin Lauren is a scuba diver By Kaleigh

    She is a scuba diver and she is showing us how the fish's and sharks work she teaches people how scuba dive it's so cool and she told us that the hammerhead sharks  the head is all the nerves in the head and when they hear your heartbeat they would be scared because it's like nothing they heard before. that picture is what ever we want update on the picture we named it fishicus danceicus  Rm209.

Bye for now 
By Kaleigh

Monday, 3 June 2013

It's French time by Kaleigh

It's French time it's French time I can't wait to perform it's going to be awesome. Everyone in the class doing the play.

By kaleigh

It's the last month of the school year by Kaleigh

Omg it's the last month of the year and I am so sad I am going to miss this class so much and we are doing class jobs well bye
By Kaleigh