Saturday 28 June 2014

What Stuck With Us This Year 2013-14

What stuck with you today?Anything else you'd like your class to know?What's your name?
i will miss the weirdness we had in room 209 and i will remember all the new friends i made and will mis i will remember all the teachers and how they helped me i will remember the RAINBOW EGG HEADS gillians class and how nice they were well most of them and everything in churchill well not everything but almost everything.Kaleigh!!!!
What stuck with me this year is.....

1.All the field trips

2.All the other EggHeads

3.All the big Projects like biography living museum and Sara's/Shauna's Science Show

4.Shauna's broken arm story

5.Getting the Chromebooks

6.All the memories we shared as a class
pretty much all the things that stuck with me are the things i'll miss . another thing that stuck with me is all our wonderful projects and our parties , we throw good parttiesill miss you all Laryssa
In this year 5 things have stuck with me,
-I had lots of fun going to 1000 sushi islands after the ignite
-Ignite was also fun
-living museum was cool
-biographies were cool
-shauna is the best because she is the best teacher
1. All the math tricks you've taught me over the years
2. How to use the chromebooks
3. Mindfulness
4. Ketchup, Mustard and Pickle
5. Traffic lights
6. Writers Toolbox

And, this is the very last time ever that I will be filling out this survey.
Have a good summer Room 209! I will miss all the grade fives! To the grade sixes, see you at Summit!! Thanks Shauna! Bye Churchill!Millie
1. The Living Museum. I feel that I worked really hard on that.
2. Mindful Breathing. I'll try to use it in the future.
3. The Chromebooks. They revolutionized how I learn and I'll try to apply those skills in other places.
4. All the ways we kept organized, such as the Mustard tracker and the Daybook.
5. Hacked lessons. They were really fun and I hope future teachers will want to do them.
Nope.Ellis (Pat)
2- when you don't get your way don't protest you'll just feel even worse you do all that hard work for nothing

3- in math attitude is everything.

4-i'm pretty good at science

5- the rainbow eggheads are the best team and my classmates are really hard workers and we are the rainbow eggheads : )
what stuck with me this year.

1. the 1st thing that stuck with me this year was the terry fox run

2.the 2nd thing this year was you shauna

3.the 3rd thing was the chromebooks

4.the 4th thing was the back to nature

5.the 5th thing was the degus

6.the 6th thing was mystery skype
1 . the first thing that stuck with me is you. You are the best teacher ever! and there is no other better teacher in the world except you! i will really miss you a lot! :( SHAUNA! GO SHAUNA!
2. the second thing that stuck with me is your creativity! you were so creative! and you made everything turn from boring to fun and awesome thank you!
3. the third thing that stuck with me is the chromebooks! the chromebooks have changed my life and i don't want to leave them! so i am going to hug and kiss mine goodbye before i leave this year :(
4. the fourth thing that stuck with me is the degus :( i will really miss them this year so at the cry circle i want to snuggle one!
5. the fifth thing that stuck with me is the ipads. i will also miss the ipads too because that's the first type of tech we used in this classroom! so i will be extremely sad to leave them :(
6. the sixth thing that stuck with me is the rainbow eggheads! i will really miss everyone in this classroom even people i never really talk ton i will still really miss you because you are apart of my family! the ................ RAINBOW EGGHEADS CLASSROOM!
Skyping other classes
School of Rock 9 - Probably the best one
These penpals were AWESOME
The class this year was the best. Another thing I liked was visiting our penpals. I was SO COOL to meet them!
laughing smileing and have ing a grate time make ing new friends everything noOceanna
5 things that have stuck with me this year are:

1. Learning about and doing a lot of different kinds of math, most of them are fun.
2. Learning about all the amazing different people in our class this year! I think I made friends that will stick/stay with me for a long time.
3. I also learned different types of good writing tips. I will definitely use these in the future.
4. I learned about Chuck close the artist.
5. And last but not least I learned more about Shauna and myself.
This year, what stuck with me was getting to be with my friends but also make new friends and get to get closer to them! Also, getting a teacher who loves to make things better for her class really stuck, you worked so hard to make this year amazing and it has being amazing! Another thing that has stuck with me this year is how close this class has gotten and how we all became awesome friends with each other! Also getting to connect with all of our little buddies stuck, it taught me a lot (alot!) about how to work with other kids younger than you. Also what stuck with me this year is the feeling I got when I first walked into the class, and the feeling I got when I biked to school the last day of school for grade 5. (The first one was a great feeling, but the last one was a bad feeling)I WILL MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!Vickie
What stuck with me this year
1. Macskimming
2.sitting around and watching videos on the carpet(getting sidetracked leads to new things!)
3.learning how to text bust
4.learning how to do complicated multiplication
5.learning how to care for the degus
6.the day we got the Chrome books
The things that stuck with me this year is...
1. How to use the google drive better
2. How great we are working together.
3. Creativity that can be sprung into art and your daily lives
4. Music and Ukulele and how cool it is to play
5. How many awesome,supportive friends their are in the class
6. How sad I am going to be when we leave each other, but we will still keep in touch!

(these are more things that I learned and less what stuck with me!)
That I am going to miss you all so so much!Fiona
What stuck with me about this year was:
1 Living museum
2 Chromebooks
3 Biography
4 Hacked classroom
5 Shauna and new friends
6 macskimming
When we played the owl game, I knew I just found one of my favorite games. The first day of school was awesome, I wish that I could stay here for the next year. Our buddies were so nice to us, they even throw us a surprise. The crying circle always had so laughs along with someone always crying. I will miss you all and hopefully see you guys later.

Have a great summer

The stuck with me was that time we made sock puppets. What stuck with me was Bansho. What stuck with me was using the chromebooks. What stuck with me was the field trip to the butterfly place. What stuck with me was mystery skype.Nat
This year I learned that Shauna is the BESTEST (not a word) teacher ever you are amazing and I wish you could teach me next year but thats just a crushed dream. Hunter
-shauna was the best teacher i've ever had
-i really liked being in her classroom
-i had a lot of fun
-i don't want to leave shaunas class
-i will always remember shauna
1.all the kids in are class ore so nice
2.the chromebooks
3.the degus
4.being so excited to go to school
5.having a amazing teacher!
6.i have to live bo bo...
my the pony be with you!SKYE little pony
What Stuck WIth You This Year?

-ROOM 209
5 things stuck with me this year,

1. how awesome you are/ how much I'll miss you
2. how well the rainbow eggheads work together\ how much I'll miss them
3. how amazing it is to work with degus
4. how much I've learnt
5. how if you put your mind to it then you can do it!
-being a rainbow egg head
-living museum
-biography book launch
-norman and hedwig
Aaron McLeod
what stuck with me this year was.....

1. YOU!!!!!!!!!

2. My class mates

3. All the staff that worked at this school to be more respectful

5. And that people learn on different days in different ways
thank you so much for the awesome year!!!Madi!!!!!!!!!!
this year what stuck with me was the chromebooks new friends and awesome teacher gillans class the weirdness that we HAD and this classI WILL MISS YOU ALL SO MUCHKaleigh!!!!
everyone that i've made friends with, and the teachers that i will miss, and all the awesome times we have had.i will miss uMeL

Thursday 26 June 2014

What Stuck With Us Last Night - June 25th

What stuck with me about yesterday was the chalk festival is was very fun!Thomas!
The thing that stuck with me was the Ignite the Night then going out afterwards. I loved Ignite the Night this year. It was short and wonderful. I think people did an amazing job on them and worked really hard. I loved going out afterwards for dinner. It was really yummy and I think it was a great place to go. Great recommendation for whoever did it. Fiona
Also the green tea ice cream.Nat
What stuck with me was the party at 1000 sushi islands.Nat
Whats stuck with me from yesterday is the dinner, it was so much fun! I'm so glad I was able to come!Hannah
What stuck with me yesterday was Ignite the night and the after party! It was really fun and even though I will not be Shauna's class next year I still won't to do Ignite.Gabby
all the amazing ignite presentations and the food.noMeL
Today what stuck with me (Yesterday)
is the Chalk festival! it was really fun to draw all sorts of
things out of chalk!
ignight !!!!!!!!!!
and eating 20$ worth of ice cream (thanks for the advise shauna ) !!!!!!!
it was so much nuf !!!!!
i had 14 (or maybe 15) scoops Larry
ignite stuck with me i was so scared it was scary seeing all the parents last night Kaleigh!!!!
what stuck with me yesterday was the dinner even though it doesn't really have anything to to with school it was still fun!!!!!!!Madi
The sushi place! It was super duper good and the first time I've ever been to sushi.Nope.Pat
Preparing my igniteNOPEJACK
That we went out to sushi, yum.Johnny

Thursday 19 June 2014

What Stuck With Us Today - June 19th (and yesterday, too!)

What stuck with you today?Anything else you'd like your class to know?What's your name?
The story activity, I loved writing from the role of a reporter, I'm so happy with what I made into it. Can we do an activity like that again? Clara
The thing that stuck with me today is the writing prompt we did. I think it was a great prompt. I really enjoyed writing. The story was really awesome and I might continue. Fiona
the video about social media was good and had lots of info. I also liked doing the cell phone thing.Yarissimo
i liked the play it was so cute and funny molly
Today what stuck with me is The play in natalies class it was really cute
they made a play about a cow who laid an egg
Doing the Writing prompt stuck, it was so much fun to write a newspaper like story because I love writing and it was so fun to get to do that at school!Nope.Vickie
Presenting my french play because I thought it was awesome to show the class what me and my group had worked on. Nilla Wafer
What stuck with me today was writing prompt. It was REALLY fun and I can't wait to finish the one I started! Gabby
The play natalies class was very fun. I also liked watching the socail media videosALEX
Writing my ignite scriptNOPEJACK
Natalie's play!Millie
nothinbender {ellis}
Natalies class's play.Natapus
The really cool lessons with Catherine. I found them really fun.Nope.Pat
bell is far better than rogers, in phone plans that isHUNTER!!!
what stuck with me was the cow that layed a egg play it was very good and was put together well. Very fun day todayThomas!
what stuck with me was the stories about that picture because it was fun and really cool to get to talk from a reporters perspective and it was overall just fun! not today!Madi
Game on stuck with me because we finally played frisbee golf Miguel
That Catherine did awesomely well today.Johnnyk
Whats stuck with me is the cell phone challenge, it was really fun!Hope the rest of your day is great!Hannah
cell phone challenge it was funKaleigh!!!!
What stuck with me yesterday was the book launch. It was fun to show people my book and to see their reactions to the book. I loved showing the younger kids a tiny snippet of the book since they don't stay too long but some adults read my whole book, it was cool to see them dive into my book and see their "absorbing the words" face. The 55 word memoir helped when an adult wanted an overview of the book.Clara
Whats stuck with me from yesterday is the book launch, it was a lot of fun and I didn't find it hot or to long. I thought we had more than enough time to finish the bio's and I found them really fun to make!Hannah
Today getting some time to practice Ignite stuck, I really enjoy making and working on ignite, and I am so excited to present very soon!Nope.Vickie
The book launch was good. I think it went well and I think the parents liked the biographies A LOT!!!!Yarissimo
What stuck with me yesterday was... I dont remember. Sorry Gabby
The book launch because I loved getting to show other people my biography.This is yesterdays wswytNilla Wafer
THe book launch. It went really, really well.Nope.Pat
What stuck with me was the Book Launch. I loved watching the faces of the grandparents and parents as they read the biographies. It was awesome!Camden
What stuck with me about yesterday was the gardening it was pretty fun and the radishes tasted OKThomas!
What stuck with me yesterday was The gardening with Gillian's classMiguel
The book launch is what stuck with meNatapus
um planting i thought it was funKaleigh awesome
Today what stuck with me is The gardening!
I had a very fun time gardening with my little buddy (in Gillian's class)!
not today.Erika

Friday 13 June 2014

What Stuck With Us Today - Friday, June 13th, 2014

What stuck with you today?Anything else you'd like your class to know?What's your name?
school of rock needs to turn down the base a bit and some one bite brownies are really good Shauna I will miss you :' ( in grade 6HUNTER!!!
Because who could forget school of RAAAAACK! Natapus
I enjoyed the school of rock and i thought that the performers put an amazing amount of effort into making it a great performance. They put tones of engery into it.Mr Red
I really had fun watching school of rock. my favorite part was the end when we did the jump thing. One thing they could change is maybe make the base quieter and the voices louder.Yarisimo (black belt in karate)
i liked school of rock because of the songs and music molly
well i thought we were good singing sometime but i think we need improvement and the band needs improvement, because they were very loud. have a good WEST FESTMel
What stuck with me today was the gratitude letter group I chose because I feel like the letters I chose to write to, I knew enough about, and the partner I chose, because I feel like I will work well with Nat.Camden
Today what stuck with me was how fun SOR was! I learned a new way to play the ukulele when someone's hair is on your strings. And how we only have 10 days left together.Clara
sor because it was really well done and the band and choir was really good.bender {ellis}
what stuck with me today was school of rock because thats pretty much all we did today and it was funish yeeeaaah no.Laryssa
What stuck with me today was School Of Rock. It was really fun and I think that it went really well. Even though I couldn't hear what we sounded like I think we did really well and it sounded good! Gabby
Today, being in school of rock really stuck with me, it was soooo amazing to do something that you worked on for so long, and then be able to share what you did with the whole school! I found it was really hot, and a little squished, but it was all worth it! I am so excited to do the show again tonight and tomorrow! l hope that everyone in the audience liked the show!Nope.Vickie
Whats stuck with me today is school of rock, I found it really fun and I enjoyed it a lot but maybe next time there should be a fan and/or a door or two open near us. But other than that it was really fun!Have a good rest of the day!Hannah
I have to say School Of Rock stuck with me today because of the people who were rocking out and then watching the other people who were not rockingMiguel
I enjoyed working on my graduation speech. After that we went to School of Rock. I liked that because the band was awesome and it was really fun and I loved singing at it! I almost fell of though noooMillie
Today what stuck with me is The school of rock rehearsal
in the gym! the whole school watched us perform!
and tomorrow we will be performing at westfest! Though
when we were performing it was really hot because
we were all stuck together!
not today.Erika
The thing that stuck with me today was School of Rock and Grtitude letters. I think SOR was a really great performance, I hope the audience enjoyed it because I sure did. The gratitude letter stuck with me because I think it is really good at the end of the year to thnak everyone we have helped throughout the year. Overall I had an awesome day. Fiona
School of rock stuck with me today because it's pretty much what our whole day of school was based aroundNOPEJack
School of rock stuck with me because it was so fun to sing, Awesome to get filmed by rogers tv and preform at my last school of rock ever :(Nils
school of rock because it was so much fun and it was well i thought people liked it so it made me happy and it was also AWESOMEKaleigh!!!!
School Of Rock. It was very different from other years, since I had to get instruments a bunch, the vibe of it was more chill, and it was the last year I'm doing it :(. Also some people gave me some constructive criticism so I have to remember that for tonight and tommorow.Nope.Pat
WHat stuck with me today was School of rock they had great nice loud voices and all together they sounded very good have fun at West fest Rockers! Thomas!
What stuck with me was school of rock because it was a really cool experience and it was really fun!Not today Madi
SOR because the song jump was really cool how people were jump and having fun.Aaron McLeod
That school of rock was awesome. It was very nice to see most of the students up there. Good luck at westfest.johnny

What Stuck With Us - June 10th, 11th and 12th

What stuck with you today?Anything else you'd like your class to know?What's your name?
what stuck with me today is the collaborative slide show we made with heather and allisons class . i was working with Elsa . she was really fun to work with and we did a good job on the slide show . i think i was doing more of the typing and she provided most of the ideas but we put in an equal amount of work .nopsy~dopesyLaryssa
Today what stuck with me was the Allison and Heather slideshow. I learned about pandas and why they're endangered and working with her was fun since she really knew about pandas and liked what she was doingClara
何が私と一緒に立ち往生することは、海の牛が絶滅しているということでした。 - Translation: What stuck with me was that the sea cow is extinct.いいえ :)Natapus
sex ed was very awkward but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Other than that, I learned some french at the presentation and I learned about Pandas with me buddy.Millie
Today getting to do another workshop with Alison and Heather's class was really fun, especially because I knew someone from that class so that made it that much more fun, doing the workshop taught me a lot about different endangered species, I never knew what the black footed ferret even was before today! nope.Vickie
what stuck with me was the slideshow we did with Alison and Heater's class it was really fun and i enjoyed working with my brother. bender {ellis}
The endangered species slideshow was awesome! My brother's to pic was cool. I learned that a adelie penguin actually eats LESS in the winter, more in the summer!Zetsumetsu no kiki ni hin shita dōbutsu wa, subarashī suraidoshōta? Un! Zetsumetsukikushu no suraidoshō ga saikōdeshita! Otōto no topikkude wa, kūrudatta. Watashi wa, aderīpengin ga jissai yori natsu ni, fuyu ni sukunaku taberu koto o manabimashita!Camden
What stuck with me today was working with Tessa. Working with Tessa was really fun and it was cool to work on a slideshow with her. It was fun to learn about Penguins and why they are endangered. I hope we get to do another workshop soon. Gabby
What stuck with me was the endangered animals slideshow i learn a couple new things about chimpanzees and it was really fun to work with a different class. Thomas!
Whats stuck with me is, how DISGUSTING sex ed was!!!! It was horrible! I hope we don't have to do it any more, I found it very, very, very descriptive....Hannah
what stuck with me was the french sharing because it was really fun and inclusive Madi
The French presentation by Rollan Beibau (think thats how you spell his name) because I loved all of his french songs he sang.Nils
The thing that stuck with me today was the french presentation. I really enjoyed it and I think it was entertaining for the younger kids. Fiona
i loved working with my buddy because she was enthusiastic to learn! noskye
Today what stuck with me is the french play in the gym,
Francois, francois,! that was pretty much the lyrics to his song,
and the chromebook workshop with Allison/Heathers class!
The endangered species chromebook training with Alison's class and the french presentation stuck with me todayJACK
I had fun watching the francais francais presentation. I think it was very collaborative and exciting!Yaro!
The french singer stuck with me today. I also enjoyed the workshop with Heather/Alisons class/Alex
I learnt during the Chromebook workshop with Alison and Heather's class that Spider Monkeys barely ever touch the ground and move around by swinging from tree to tree.Nope.Pat
Game On and Heath class and when we saw the french guy and at the end he shot the cannon. Aaron McLeod
sex ed it was not as bad as i thought it wasKaleigh!!!!
sex ed is awkward

and it is hard to maintain a perfect italian accent
The french presentation today with Gillian's class. Miguel
That we did so many things that were fun, the best was the buddie work on the Chromebooks.Johnny
um the all the good thingsKaleigh awesome`
i have purple hair.Ellis
I liked music when eric read from the book outsidenoMillie
What stuck with me today was working on Ignite. It was fun and now I have great ideas! I also liked having gym with Ray's class. I like having gym with different classes.Gabby
The thing that stuck with me today was the ignite. I think my ignite is starting off really well, and I am so excited for Ignite the Night. The other thing that stuck with me today was outdoor gym. I really liked playing with Ray's class, I really like playing with a larger group. Fiona
Yaro and Johnny think that they are good at soccer because Yaros uruguayan and Johnnys Italian is what stuck with me. I think there motivation for soccer comes from there Uruguayan and Italian parent. Natapus
Today what stuck with me was the Skype call with my second cousin. It was really fun to see her again and I loved her reaction!Clara
watering the plants is a lot harder then it seems kaleigh
What stuck with me was the mystery skype it was funny to see people from holland Jack in our class loves holland so muchThomas!
What stuck with me is the music in the back to nature
owen couldn't do it with us so Eric did it with us in teh back to nature!
He read a book to us about music and then we could do free write/draw
I had fun doing gym outside with rays class. we played beanie wars and it was fun. I also had fun being outside in back to nature. nopeYaro!
Beanie war with Ray's class.NOPEJACK
That we had a day that we could go outside.Johnny
The fact that I don't have to do my french play. That lifts some stress off my shoulders.Nope.Pat
what stuck with me today was the mystery skype because when claras cousin saw her she started crying Madi
The music with eric with no ukuleles! Miguel
the gym gameslolomg.coolMeL
play the talking game with nilsAaron McLeod

Monday 9 June 2014

What Stuck With Us Today - Monday, June 9th, 2014 -

What stuck with you today?Anything else you'd like your class to know?What's your name?
What stuck with me today was going to the OCDSB presentation. It was really fun to go to and to see everyone elses presentation. I also really enjoyed watching the movie with our reading buddies. Gabby
The condiment vote. I'm the premier of the school for hot dogs since I was the leader of the Ketchup Party and we won! It was cool to see how the election changed because we had 21 people to go out and get votes unlike some parties who had only 3 people. It was so fun, Shauna I wish you were here today but our supply, Lee Ann, was SUPER fun and handled us really well!Clara
What stuck was the nature video with gillians class it was good to see our buddies again and now i know how beavers lives are like and how the help there ecosystem for all the other animals that live at the pond. Thomas!
What stuck with me was geek squad because I thought we were great. We all said awesome facts and taught well. The slideshows were also awesome.Camden
I had fun watching the documentary with gillians class. I learned that beavers are awesome. I also know a song about beavers!!Yaro!
The thing that stuck with me today was the Geek Squad thing. I really loved presenting in front of teachers. I think it was very informing. I think we all did a really good job. The other thing that stuck with me today was the nature show. I really liked watching it. It was very interesting and informative. Fiona
I liked the beaver movie we watched with Gillian's class in their room. It was very interesting and it was cool to learn how they make their dens. At the Hydro Ottawa presentation, I liked when he put the pickle on fire.noMillie
Whats stuck with me is the BROWNIES (aka poo and diarrhea). Also when we were in the car driving their and back, we watched BARBIE in the car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah, and when the guy in the wonder bread truck started talking to us, waving, doing duck lips and asking if we like wonder bread, he was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hannah
how beavers and that they have to leave when there mothers have a baby they have to leaveKaleigh!!!!
How Beavers create a stable ecosystem for other animals when they build a dam.Nope.Pat
beavers are a lot more like platypi than I thought
that adds to their cool factor
platypi HUNTER!!!
beavers have a hard life philip
Today what stuck with me is the documentary about beavers (us and our little reading buddies watched it together)! Me and my reading buddy learned that at the age of 2 all beavers have to leave their family and Dam, then make their own dam (a dam is what they live in)nopeErika
-beavers are the biggest rodent in america
-beavers are very useful for other animals
no MeL
Going to the geek squad stuck with me because I loved getting to share what this year has taught me with tech to all these awesome teachers. I hope that they all enjoyed our presentation today and took something out of it!Not today.Vickie
geek squad the chocolate Madi
Beavers are very similar to platypuses.Platypuses are still better than them though...Natapus
That we did awesome at the geek squad presentation.Johnny
The Movie with Gillian's ClassMiguel
the nature videobender {ellis}
I did not know that beavers can survive from falling 3 meters.Aaron McLeod

Geek Squad Presentation at #DLAchat Conference

Today, 10 Rainbow Eggheads who have been contributing to the Tech Times newsletter over the past two years were asked to present at the Digital Learning Advisory OCDSB conference. We decided to live stream the workshop through Google Hangouts Live on Air. As before, we struggled to get this working perfectly! A great example of having to be flexible when using tech!

Below are two videos showing MOST of the workshop. Unfortunately, the Chromebook's batteries ran out during Hannah and Madi's Skype presentation. Hopefully, they'll be willing to film themselves doing it and we can share it on here!

Daybook by Vickie
Google Apps  by Hunter
Assistive Tech Through My Eyes by Skye
iPads by Gabby
Social Media by Camden, Johnny
Using Tech for Charity in the Class by Pat
Madi, Hannah did theirs live and of course I didn't catch it!
Maker Movement by Fiona

We hosted a "Today's Meet" for our presentation. Check it out here.

Some feedback from participants
-The student presenters are proof that tech can support oral communication, reading, writing (and even drama!!!)
-I am very impressed with how engaged all the students are with the use of technology. They are all so knowledgeable as well!
-Skye, your story is inspiring. Thank you for sharing it so eloquently.
-Wow! Blowing my mind with all the fantastic initiatives you've got on the go. Eggheads Rock!
-Current tech experts here, future tech leaders!
-I'm so impressed! Thank you. I am leaving here with many great ideas for my classroom.
-I wish my high school students made slideshows that looked like this, keep doing them like that (less words, more images)!

We only wish that more educators had joined us. I could not be prouder of these Eggheads and their peers for the work they've done this year and the incredible way they're willing to mentor and share with others within our school and the world beyond!

Wednesday 4 June 2014

Chromebook Workshop: Collaborative Spring Poems with Heather C’s Class

Aargh! I wrote this post yesterday during EQAO testing and then promptly deleted it this afternoon! I have tried several ways to revert to the earlier post, but can’t figure it out.
Heather C's 1/2s joined us for a Collaborative Poem writing workshop. In Room 209, we love writing poems together, especially on the Chromebooks!

The steps for writing collaborative poems were as follows:
1. Big Buddies from Room 209 paired with Little Buddies from Heather C’s class.
2. The Big Buddies became “Co-Pilots” and the Little Buddies became “Pilots”, in charge of what was going on
3. Pilots selected a topic related to spring
4. Together, Pilot and Co-Pilot began writing a poem on the Google Drive, focusing on using sensory information, alliteration and rhythm to make their poems very powerful
5. After five minutes, Pilot and Co-Pilot virtually “passed” the poem to another group by sharing the doc on the Google Drive
6. Pilot and Co-Pilot then took five minutes to read and continue the poem they received
7. Poems were passed five times
8. After adding to a fifth poem, Pilot and Co-Pilot returned to their original poem and edited and revised it, making sure they liked the sound and feel of the poem
9. PIlot and Co-Pilot then formatted the poem, changing the font if they wished, adding a photo to enhance the poem, and adding an optional photo of the poets who started it.

Please enjoy their work!
Butterflies, a poem started by Hunter and Noah
Butterflies, a poem started by Laryssa and Amira
Blowing, a poem started by Camden and Grayson
The Ceiling, a poem started by Jack and Charlie
Trees, a poem started by Ellis and Orayo
Hello and Goodbye, a poem started by Johnny and Trey
Spring Makes Me, a poem started by Molly and Ava
Spring Flowers, a poem started by Nat, Mackenzie and Annika
Spring Flowers, a poem started by Erika and Rowan
Spring, a poem started by Aaron, Madi and Ian
Sun, a poem started by Vickie and Frances

These workshops have been so valuable for the Rainbow Eggheads. It’s been great to share  our skills and resources with other classes and collaborate to create interesting projects.