Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Red Light/Green Light - Skype Meetings

We have been having a lot of fun since Isaac (our iPad) joined our class! We've already brought in our Virtual Student teacher, Anna, a few times and we got to meet the hilarious and spunky Miss Paula and her grade fours in Spain! After a day of three Skype calls on Monday, we had a great class talk about what went really well (green light, keep it up!) and what we want to stop doing (red light - STOP!) during our Skype meetings.

Have a look and see if you can add anything to our ideas!

Skype Chats with Anna and with Miss Paula’s class

Green Light J
Red Light L
-people were good at speaking clearly
-calling out
-people laughed at the right time: like when Miss Paula was teasing
-rustling of papers
-there are some things we don’t understand (like “beep”!), we learn new things
-laughing when someone did something really silly
-talking with Anna is fun, but you should write down your questions ahead of time
-whenever the camera pointed at someone, they were doing “Gagnam Style”, it was a little embarrassing
-people raising their hands, not calling out
-it was hard to hear
-we didn’t know the kids in Spain yet, and even though we were excited, we didn’t jump on top of each other to say “hi”
-chatting with your friends while we’re Skyping
-if you agree with something, show it with a nod of your head or a small thumbs up
-calling out, even if it is “Yeah, I know!”
-most people were calm
-no one was supposed to be at the degu cage at all!
-when people were called on, others weren’t interrupting
-being really hyper, you will miss what’s going on and distract others
-we have lots to learn from other people, even if you don’t get a chance to talk, there are ways to participate!
-calling out and correcting somebody isn’t helpful, especially when someone is trying to concentrate

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