Monday, 25 February 2013

On the Digital Degus' Blogs This Week - February 25th

Camden did his Fire Safety Maps as ShowMe presentations.

Lots of students enjoyed the "Kid Snippets" we watched in class. Fin posted several of her favourites on her blog. She also posted some awesome Stop Motion inspiration for us!

Fiona's been busy on her blog! It's almost like I don't even need to blog anymore, I can just direct you to her blog! Just today, she posted the amazing trick video we watched in class that will help to remind us NEVER to drink and drive. My mom visited last week and told us all about fitting hearing aids in Guatemala, see what Fiona remembered from that!  Like Fin, Fiona posted some of her favourite Kid Snippets. After Caroline's presentation about Complete Streets, Fiona posted her ideas about how Ottawa could make Complete Streets! She also posted a really cool Stop Motion video I'd never seen before.

Whoa! Gabby's been busy too. Check out her memories of my mom's visit to our class! She posted an incredible, heart-wrenching video called "The Bullies Called Him Pork Chop", watch it with an adult. It's amazing. Gabby has a very talented music teacher!

Melodee posted about her Where Project. I'm really looking forward to seeing all the Digital Degus' presentations! Is anyone thinking of entering the official challenge?

I can't get a lot of the videos on Miguel's blog to load, but as always, he's posting lots of daschunds! Check them out!

Wanna send an e-card (an electronic card?), check out Millie's blog to find out how!

Oh my goodness, Oscar got a haircut! Molly's got a new blogger app on her iPod. Check out the beautiful photo we took!

Sophia's been busy on Youtube, collecting the cutest animal videos she can find!

Vickie's posted a great Winter Sports quiz - this will be very helpful in our discussion later this week with our new friends in California! Stop by her blog and add your input!

Jackson, Liam, we're looking forward to more posts from you!

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