Thursday, 21 February 2013

Where Project

Hunter found a cool new website to help with our research!

We completed our rubric today, hopefully it will help you while you work!

Rubric – Where Project!
CriteriaNeon green Excellent 4 Green Good 3Yellow Satisfactory 2Red Needs Improvement 1
Evidence of Research
-the notes in the yellow folder are very thorough
-there have been several drafts
-the presenter has done extra research, including things like the inventor of the item or other creative related ideas
-deep research
-lots of information
-tells the audience all the components of his/her item
-tells the audience how the components were manufactured
-tells the audience how the components were put together to make the item
-somewhat shallow research
-presenter is only able to answer some of the key questions
-very shallow research
-lots of unanswered questions
-there are 1t least 7 sources that are not all Internet sites
-information makes sense and is logical
-the student can back up the information
-the student has a list of of sources (at least 5 sources)
-there are 3-4 sources only-there are 2 or fewer sources listed
In your own words-the whole presentation is clearly in the student’s own words, and there has been a lot of effort made to make it clear and easy to understand
-student can explain all words that are used, even the big fancy ones
-student can explain all ideas that are used
-there are one or two sentences that are not in the student’s own words-it is clear that there are many parts that are copied right from another source
Link to the Big Ideas-very creative or innovative links to a lot of the Big Ideas
-for grade 4s, the student has talked about how their topic
links to Rocks and Minerals
-for grade 5s, the student has talked about how their topic links to Conservation of Energy and Resources
-tying things together to your Big Ideas
-you have evidence that relates to Rocks and Minerals OR Conservation of Energy and Resources and you say which Big Idea your information ties to
-the links to the Big Ideas don’t make a lot of sense

-doesn’t tie in to Big Ideas at all
-unique, no one in the class has done the same thing before

-a really good idea
-something special or unique, done a little differently
-demonstrates your knowledge
-the idea has been done quite a few times, with a few tweaks
-very bland
-copying someone else
Quality of Presentation
-lots of information
-lots of expression in voice

-nice loud voice
-evidence of preparation
-some eye contact
-maintains audience attention
-make sure it’s in a place where everyone can see
-able to answer questions
-knowledge of topic
-clearly explains what they’re doing
-neat, carefully done
-being super nervous
-lots of hesitations
-stalling words used too much
-tiny squeaky voice, speaking softly
-missing sections
-no expression in voice

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