Project Thank-You

Some recipients of Project Thank You: our principal Megan, all our school bus drivers, our parent volunteers, our student teachers, Jim Carrey, a paramedic, Boyd Tinsley, Lemony Snicket, and Kid President. Now, maybe you have as well! If not, please read below and consider printing some out to pass on!

Project Thank-You is an amazing system that started in Room 209 at Churchill Alternative School in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on Wednesday, December 5th, 2012 at 2 p.m. and will continue to go to many different places.

The point of Project Thank-You is to bring happiness to bring people all over the place to do good deeds and have good deeds done to them.

Project Thank-You encourages people to give thanks to people to help us with our everyday lives.

One of the students in Room 209, Pat, noticed that most people do not give thanks for what they do. He noticed that people didn't say thank you when someone held the door for them at school. He figured that if we gave them a little card, that thanks would go around in our hands. When he told us about his idea, we all agreed that it will help and we came up with even more ideas to add on to the seed of his idea.

-written by Camden and Vickie

If you have found this site because you recieved a Project Thank-You card, please leave a comment and tell us your story!

If you want to print out your own Project Thank-You card, here is the one we designed:

This card is part of Project Thank-You started by the students in Room 209 at Churchill.

I present it to you to thank you for your good deed to me.

Please pass this card on to someone else who does a good deed for you. Also, make a second one and pass it on too. We want Project Thank-You to grow everywhere!

Make sure to take care of this card!

If you want to, please tell people about your experience at

Please add your initials on the other side of this card before you pass it on.

Fancy Schmancy Pat proudly shows off the first Project Thank-You cards! - photo by Jack
Camden decorates his Project Thank-You card. -photo by Jack
Liam shows off his Project Thank-You card. -photo by Jack
The Project Thank-You cards! Do you have one yet? -photo by Jack

Project Thank-You was delivered to Boyd Tinsley of the Dave Matthews Band


  1. I have received 2 Thank-You cards already, 1 for commenting, and 1 for holding a door, I gave 2 ,1 to my bus driver for being a great bus driver, and 1 to a little kinder commenting me!

  2. so annoyed that i can't come to school it looks like you guys had so much fun.

  3. I think it is so fun that we have started progect thankyou in churchill. I really wish that we would have started it a long time ago.

  4. I love youre idea it is so awsome
    because ints trough nobody sais thak you.

  5. @dam and Nils: Thanks everyone! :D
    Yippeeyiyofi: Woah :O
    finley: Ya I know actually I'm home sick on PJ day!

  6. If you want one just ask me!

  7. Hmph. I was sick that day and I did not come in.

  8. I wonder how far project Thank-You has got in??

    1. You know what would be the coolest thing? Ten years from now one of us gets one! That would be AWESOME!!!

  9. I absolutely LOVE this idea Pat! You are aboslutely right, there isn't enough 'thanking' going on! Way to put this in the spotlight!

    Jen - Hunter's Mum

  10. What a wonderful idea! We will try it!

  11. Today, I was the lucky recipient of a card from Project Thank-You from a student in class 209. Tonight, after my daughter baked cookies for our home, I passed this card on as a thank you to her. We both think this is a fabulous initiative.

    Ottawa Paramedic

  12. i haven't received any thank you cards yet.