Wednesday, 30 April 2014

What Stuck With Us Today? Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

What stuck with me today was Shauna bringing in the new muppet and the super hero things.Gabby
Whats stuck with me is GoGirls because it was really fun and I'm now excited for every Wednesday.Hannah
not really anything i have been brainwashed and can't remember any part of today and checking the day book would ruwin the pupose of what stuck with you todayfrankenstein
Today what stuck with me was hacked learning.I can't wait to help do lesson planing with my classmates.It'll be really fun! Clara
1. The "Hacked Classroom".
2. The "Hacked Classroom" dude's hair.

The hacked classroom looks so cool because we would get to do all sorts of awesome things but with following the curriculum. Nils
The thing that stuck with me today was the hacked school. I think that kid raised an excellent [point and I am really inspired about his Tedx talk and I am also really excited to get thinking on ideas. The other thing that stuck with me today was the test. I think it was so cool to see the amount of creativity on the second drawing, it was a really cool "science" experiment. Fiona
WHat stuck with me was everything to do with the Hacked Schooling. That kid was awesome, and I found it interesting to see what others think we could do differently here at churchill. I also liked the drawing assignment. How the way you say something affects the way others think.Camden
Today finishing my bridlewood letter stuck because my buddy had a very interesting letter so I could make an interesting letter back! Also starting project massive google doc. stuck because I can't wait to do more with it and maybe share it with some people. Not today.Vickie
if you tell a kid to draw a picture right and you tell a kid to draw a picture the second one will be waaaaaaaaaaay better and more colurfullpeeps are tastyHUNTER!!!
I am glad that we got another muppet and we talked about competitiveness.Degus are cute. These chilean animals are cute. These cute chilean animals bring us joy with happiness.Johnny
What stuck with me today was the drawing test it was really cool to see peoples imagination on the paper.WHat also stuck with me today was the day i got a lot of work done Thomas!
the drawing imagination test stuck with me today.Jack
The point drawing thing.Natapus
what stuck was me was the drawing thingEllis
I liked the drawing thingie. I drew a house and a mountain my second time. I also had fun doing indoor recess.not todayYaro
THe drawing testi am jrrrr son on lrrr the ruler of omacron percie 8
i learned how to use read and write I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE CHROMEBOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!! MeL
GYM!!!! and The Drawing TestJackson!
I am bored and did not enjoy todayNoAlex
that drawing thing and hacked schooling Aaron McLeod
What stuck with me yesterday was benny wars.It was pretty interesting because we did boys VS girls.The boys won all 6 rounds.But it was interesting since we changed our strategies up every round and we really worked as a team.Clara

What Stuck With Us Today - April 29th, 2014

What stuck with me today was everything.Gabby
Today working on my bio stuck, I made a lot of progress and I am almost done.nope.Vickie
The thing that stuck with me today was beanie wars. I enjoyed it but I think our class cout improve on it. Fiona
Birthdayyyy!!!!!!!!!!! Its my birfdayNatapus
That I'm proud about how much work I got done.Nope.Pat
What stuck with me today is the global closet it was really interesting to see where everyone clothes came from most of them came from China. Thomas!
Steve rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!nope. not todayYaro!
steve was really awesome and i had a lot of fun.Ellis
gymAaron McLeod
I'm glad that we have an awesome student teacher.Johnny
playing beanie wars outside and it was nat's and my birthday.NOPE.Jack
Playing outside stevemigUEL
I feel awesome, hooray it is my birthday!NOPE.Jack

What Stuck With Us Today - April 28th, 2014

Today what stuck with me today was gym.I liked how we learnt one thing and then we did 2 games to practice our new skillClara
What stuck with me was the Letters to mrs Dalrymples class because I anm now started on the draft.Camden
The thing that stuck with me today was biography front cover. I am really excited to finish it. I think it is a create way to put your artistic skills into the biography. I can't wait to see the finished project. I love working on the bios. Fiona
Today gym stuck, I really enjoyed the basketball game we did with the people who were "it" and had the ball had to pivot to move.Not today!Vickie
The Bridlewood Buddy letters! I wrote and finsihed mine.Millie
RIDDLE BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NO!!!!!!Jackson!!!!!
I added two new goals to Lift.Do: Create One Once Of Art A Day and Film One Skate Clip A Day.Nope.Pat
Working on the penpal letters.NOPE.Jack
i feel happylur ruler of omicron persei 8!!!(a.k.a ellis)
WHat stuck with me today was math i got a review on equivalent fractions I learn even more about it.Thomas!
and b buddies
Aaron McLeod
THE STUDENT TEACHER WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yaro!
Steve I freaking awesome HUNTER!!!
I was really bored todayAlex
I feel great, the student teacher was awesome.Johnny
a new redle one had logic Kaleigh awesome

What Stuck With Us - Friday, April 25th

What stuck with me friday was the kids we visited at Hawthorne.They were really fun and I liked how inventive the activity was.I also really liked on dog Harley,she was so nice.Clara
What stuck with my on Friday was going to Hawthorne, because it was a good chance to kill two birds with one stone - see many cultures, and play with grade 1/2s, something we probably don't normally do here at churchill.Camden
Those cats and dogs at the humane society. And that kids in the place where Shauna went (idk how to spell) have to make there own toys.Nat
i don't know i don't remeberKaleigh!!!!
Whats stuck with me from Friday is when we went to the humane society, I learnt so much like for example, they get in more casts than dogs because not a lot of people spay/neuter their cats so they have more babies and they can't take care off a lot of cats and/or they don't microchip their cats if they lose them they can't find him/her. Also the humane society is stuck with me because I'm either going to adopt a bunny, two hamsters or four mice!Hannah
Going on a field trip to Hawthorne Public School and to the Humane Society.thanks friends, fellow classmates.Johnny
plastic bags are fun to play with and so are grade 1ers and WHY THE HECK IS OUR YARD SO SMALL!! >: ( how about we make it go under ground and be like an underground playground and make a maze and get lost and unleash grievers a and test the kids who get lost just like the maze runnerRetnuh (hunter)
Today learning about the different things about how to take care of animals if you want a pet. Also having meet the other class, I learned that you can have so much fun with new people and so much fun with plastic bags!Nope.Vickie
(friday) I was not at school friday so nothing stuck with me other than having a sore throat.Millie
The thing that stuck with me Friday, is the field trip to Hawthorne. I loved hanging out with the younger kids. They were so friendly and chatty. I also really liked the teacher, he was nice too. The crafts that we did were really cool. I actually went home and made another plastic ball. Fiona
That our school really isn't multicultural compared to other schools in Ottawa.Nope.Pat
What stuck with me on friday was the field trips it was interesting to learn about the human society and the grade 1 and 2 were very fun to play and make stuff with.Thomas!
what stuck with me on friday was the 1/2 class.Jackson 

Friday, 25 April 2014

Thursday, 24 April 2014

What Stuck With Us Today - April 24th, 2014

What stuck with me today was a little girl who just learned how to walk 1 month ago yet she could pick up and hold any sized ukulele.I wonder how that could work?Clara
chinese rap sounds cool and creepy

Heather C has a good sense of music (skrillex recess)
What's stuck with me is SCOOTCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was sooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun (like always)!Hannah
The party was fun but it really sucks that sara is leaving :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(Yaro!
That Sara's going away. :(Nope.Pat
What stuck with me today was the stop motion film festival and saying goodbye to Sara. It was really sad and I can't believe she won't be in our class tomorrow. But the stop motion was really fun and so was playing the ukulele for Owen's daughters daycare. Gabby
What stuck with me was the sara going away party it was so sad. What also stuck with me was the stop motion but im happy how my video turned out.Thomas!
The circle of crying because I thought it was cool how every body said something they liked about Sara. Im going to miss her alot.The !!!!!!Nils
i will miss sara sooooooooooooooooooooo much her going away party stuck with me also the walk from the daycare to the mayfair was fun caller and me did choose your own adventure . i miss sara even though she hasent left yet . :( bye sara :)laryssa
SARA STUCK TODAY, I wish I could make a law that she must stay!SARA, I MISS YOU SO MUCH ALREADY, I CAN'T WAIT FOR YOU TO SKYPE! Vic
I'm really sad because today is
Sara's last day.
and i don't want her to go!
Sara leaving stuck with me today and I also found out that Hull City Tigers beat Manchester City in a match, and that''s a good thing because Hull City is better than Manchester United in my opinion.NOPE.Jack
sara say good it was sad but a awesome party!noskye
I am sad that sara is leaving.Alex
nothing but that sara i will missI LOVE THE CHROMEBOOKS!!! AND SARA IS AWESOMEMeL
sara i am really going to miss you molly
I don't want Sara to go away. Hopefully she will come back. I can't wait. The party was fun.Johnny
All those stop motion films.Natapus
i will miss sara so much i WISH you could stay longerKaleigh awesome
i will really miss sara3llis
PARTAIYY!!!! good bye sara :(Aaron McLeod
Sara's partyMIGuel
the partyJackson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what stuck with me was the crying cycle because it really lives up to its name.( i cried) Bye sara i will truly miss you Madi

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

What Stuck With Us Today? - April 23rd, 2014

The world Water Summit.
-I never knew that some bottled water companies just take tap water and take stuff out of it
-I never knew that there was a charity called water can and I never knew what they did
Bottle water is EVIL! I already knew it but our class was reminded of the terror of being at their mercy.Natapus
i'm overwhelmed by awesomeness and don't know what to writecan we do the where project ?
me gabbs and vicky would like to sing a song for the class
I LOVED the world water summit because I thought it was so professional we had name tags, it was so cool we live streamed it, everybody had really interesting presentations and it was completely set up with chars and you got assigned seats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THE SUMMIT WAS EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!Nils
What stuck with me today was the World Water Summit. It was so much fun! I really liked everyones presentations they were all really good. I can't wait to do the art project Shauna told us about! My idea for the art project is some meat all wrapped up and then on the top it will say "This is murder." Gabby
The World Water Summit! It was awesome, and we did a great job, with so much information, that was so cool! Now we TOTALLY understand water conservation!Camden
i lered that wotter bottle is better then a bottle of wattermolly
1. How much people who work for charities make.
2. How much corruption in water bottle companies there is.
>alot of people don't have clean or save water
>so many other things
Today, the world water summit stuck with me(surprise, it was awesome!) I think we should do something like it again soon, I had so much fun representing the Aboriginal Affairs, I learned so much about so many amazing organizations and levels of government! I also liked the talk about the world water summit, and bottled water, I never knew so much about how bottled water effects you, I thought it was safer!Yes, I do, me and Larry and maybe Gabbs have a song we want to present, can we do that sometime in grade 5 (6)?!Vickie
- some organizations are liars
- that the government does more than we know
today what stuck with me was the world water summit i was very impressed of shauna & sara's effort to make this fun for us.3llis

what stuck with me today was the water summit and GYM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Jackson
What stuck with me today was the water summit because of too reasons i learned that you get paid a quarter of a million dollars for working for a charity second thing is I learned how young Ryan was when he wanted to start raising money at the of 6!The water summit was awesome!Thomas!
bottled water is evil and will cause the apocalypse and kill us all to death

we are gonna do a fun art project
The thing that stuck with me today is the World Water Summit. I really enjoyed it and I loved presenting and listening to everyone else present. I am so impressed on how much thought and work Sara put into it and how much my classmates knew. I thought I was going to be nervous, but I actually wasn't nervous at all. Fiona
The world water summit stuck with me today, Me Camden and Aaron were representing the United Nations. I was very surprised to find how much of a percentage of the money donated to some charities goes to the people that work there.NOPE.Jack
Some water bottles are very very bad for your health.
and also IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!
the water summitmIgUeL
i loved the world water summit but it was sort of scary to go in front of the world.
and i noticed that every time someone saw the camera they would somewhere else
Wow... The WWS was amazing it was soooo good, my classmates are the best at doing this. I wonder if anybody famous watched. Goodbye to Osman, Sara, I am going to miss you so much.WWS stands for World Water SummitJohnny
I liked the world water summit alot and i thought it went very well. I think we should have got it on time more and we should not have had waterAlex
today what stuck with em was the world water summit!
i loved it! and i learned more about water and the world!
and also there was a video that we watched in class about bottled water
and how it's really bad for you.
Specific parts of the sharing. Allot of the poems were really good.Nope.Pat
What stuck with me was the sharing, because The video was interesting, the poems were great and the singing was great too!Camden
earth day i shard a poem and it was scaryKaleigh!!!!
What stuck with me yesterday was working on the World Water Summit. I think I got a lot of work done.Gabby
The thing that stuck with me the most yesterday, was practicing the World Water Summit. I am really excited and nervous at the same time. I am also really excited to see other people's WWS. Fiona
I am glad that I had a great day of school, which was inspired from my classmates.Johnny
doing my wreck on the drive at homenoskye

World Water Summit

Today, the Rainbow Eggheads had an absolutely AMAZING culminating project to end off our Social Studies unit. We had the first ever World Water Summit attended by (mock) members of the Canadian levels of government, international organizations and charities.

Most exciting, we live streamed the whole event via Google Hangouts on Air and many of our parents and friends tuned in, even submitting questions for the panelists.

Sara and I could not be more proud and impressed with the work the Rainbow Eggheads did and their amazing, confident, knowledgable sharing. 
We debriefed the Summit and talked about some other issues related to water that were raised at the Summit. One viewer asked if bottled or tap water was better. We had varying opinions, and watched this video to learn about "Manufactured Demand".

We were so inspired by the ideas in this "Story of Stuff" video that we have our next art project idea...Honest Advertisements!

A HUGE thank you (many hip-hip-yeahs) to our AWESOME student teacher, appropriately named Sara Awesome for her guidance on this terrific project!

How do you feel today? (April 23)

Wordle: How do you feel today (April 23)

Monday, 21 April 2014

What Stuck With Us Today? - April 17th, 2014

Today we are silent stuck with me.I never knew how hard it would be not to talk at all for even 24 minutes.

Next time though can we look at some earth day poems before writing so we're inspired?
being silentLaryssa
Being silent! I've been silent since 8:50!Nope.Pat
The thing that stuck with me today is Silent Day. I really enjoyed being silent. I found it very difficult, but the metaphor that I kept thinking was... When you are silent, you want people to understand you and that is how some people who cant speak feel, they say things, but people don't listen. Fiona
Earth day poem.Natapus
The collaborative Earth day poems stuck with me today,NOPE.Jack
Today being silent throughout the day stuck, it was really symbolic to what was done by people who stood up for what they believed in. Also the pass around poem was fun, because although their was a glitch, and we had some problems, 'i still love poems so that was funNot today.Vickie
What stuck with me today was earth day i was fun to collaborate on other people poems but people didn't share their poems before the clap so it was okay. What also stuck with me today was social studies because i got alot of work done on the water summit and me and nils are ready to present.Thomas!
What stuck with me today was writing poems. Even though writing poems are fun this was really frustrating. I got one poem then no poems. Gabby
when I accidentally pressed qazwsxedcrfvtgbyhnujmikolp plokmijnuhbygvtfcrdxeszwaq there was a website that came up
I enjoyed 24 mins but i dont think i worked that well.Alex
what stuck with me was the poems Madi
the poems stuck with me.Yaro!
nothing really just because i already knew most of it nopephilip 
The earth day poemMIGUEL
today what stuck with me is earth day poems (collaborative poems)nopeErika

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

What Stuck With You Today? Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

Game on stuck with me today i learned how much sugar is in coco colaJackson
WHat stuck with me today was game on i learn how much sugar is in one coca cola its 7 teaspoons. What also stuck with me was language because i got a lot of biography done.Thomas!
Working on our biography stuck with me today, because I have now started my second draft of my entire biography.NOPE.Jack
What stuck with me today was the last block of the day. I got a lot of my work done on the World Water Summit. Gabby
Coding! Doing the coding for like 2 hour's was so much fun! I think we should do it again soon, it was hard but educational! Also doing the unicorn hunt was cool, it was like being a detective and having to solve the case!Nope.Vickie
coding was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!3llis
The water summit is what stuck with me

and also I worked on my biography\

and the missing unicorn
Today what stuck with me is "cozy coding day"
i practiced coding and it's really cool!
Today I had TONS A TONS A TONS A TONS A TONS A FUN!!!!!!!!!!! (with the unicorn hunt). I also think I got some good work done.Yaro!
what stuck with me was unie going missing because it was super fan to go on a hunt for him Madi
The thing that stuck with me the most is the social studies project. I am really excited to finish it and present it. I am liking it more than I thought I would like it. Fiona
degu in shauna's pocket and unicorn mysteryA@r0n
there was a huge E - coli incident in walkerton during 2000 and E - coli gas some really gruesome side effects WAHOOHUNTER!!!
ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm..... stuff laryssa
I am glad that we get to dance, what a day. I loved the kidnapping of Madi's Uni.LETS CAPTURE THERE WEE BONNIE. Johnny
cozy codign dayMIGUEL
people can change and i can finish worki am going to change completely and we should really have more **8*cozy-code*8** days philip 

Sara's Solar System! So much fun coding with the Rainbow Eggheads this morning...there's always something new to learn!

How do you feel today? (April 16)

Wordle: How do you feel today (April 16)

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

What Stuck With Us - April 14th, 2014

how you find the address of a schoolIts really really hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to find a school adresss332724517 (hunter )
I learned from Shellie that you should wear sunscreen all year round even in the winter.

I also refreshed on factors and multiples and figured out that it is very easy.
Today what stuck with me was one of the Sara science show topics.I never knew that lightning comes from the ground.I also thought that lightning would kill fish but I never thought that they weren't grounded so it wouldn't work to shock them unless they're close to the surface.

Also the Canadian Mail Races stuck with me.I can't wait to write a letter to someone who I don't know,I think this will be a fun activity.
Today what stuck with me was that if you don't have Heath card then you can't really go to see doctors and so I went to a doctors office and they didn't take me so then we went to a different one and they said no and then we went to a pharmesis and they said we should see a doctor and then we went home and Lorne my moms friend talked to his doctor and finally I went to a doctor So TIREDKaleigh!!!!
I liked the healthy eating lesson Sara did because I thought it was cool how she showed us how much of each food group you should eat every day.Nils
I am glad that we are participating in the Canadian Mail Race.Flash
What stuck with me today was health class because i know now if i want to be healthy i should follow the guide. what also stuck with me was sara's science show i learned new things about lightning mostly.Thomas!
I learned A LOT about electricity (especially lightning) and energy. Yaro!
Madi's presentation about how lightning works. I found it really interesting how lightning actually goes from the ground to the sky/.Nope.Pat
what stuck with me was the shocking percent of how much people don't have clean drinking water Madi
new class jobs.3llis
Today opening the Great Canadian Race letter was awesome! I can't wait to write my letter!

Also starting our groups for the summit was awesome, and I am so excited to so more with it!
Not today!Vickie
The thing that stuck with me the most was the One Well book. The information that was in the book was really interesting and kinda sad. I think it was a really good book. Fiona
nothing reallyMiguel
today what stuck with me is sara's science show!
i learned more things about energy, and electricity!
The science show stuck with me today, because I thought that Philip's idea to create energy using a hamster wheel was very interesting.NOPE.Jack
I learned about science and electricity. I also learned more about using my chromebook.Alex
alot but i dont remember so you cant ask me.nophilip matthew sohn gutierrez gomez
science show and the warm weather A@r0n
the great canadian mail raceLaryssa
what stuck with me today was math. factors and multiples make so much sense now. Jackson

How Do We Feel Today - April 15th

Wordle: How Do We Feel Today? April 15th

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

In which the Leadership Club Heads to We Day

The Leadership  Club earned spots at this year's National We Day, which was held at the Canadian Tire Centre. The event hosted 16 000 students and teachers who have worked to make a difference locally and globally. It was our first time attending the National We Day, and we certainly hope to be invited again in the future!

It was a really special, emotional, engaging and energizing day for students, staff and parent volunteers alike. We got to hear from Queen Noor of Jordan, MLK Jr's son, Spencer West (a legless adventurer) many youth who have worked with Free the Children, several musicians and other inspiring speakers and entertainers. 

We all got "Swag Bags" that included awesome light bracelets that lit up when we clapped. 

I am so proud of the Leadership Club members for earning their way to the event and for their awesome behaviour the whole day. Our goal was to arrive laden down with food, and some students even had to replace their bags, as they brought so much! 

We wish that all members of the Leadership Club could have joined us, as they've all worked really hard this year! 

Thanks to the staff and parent volunteers for joining us today!
At the end of the day, some students listed their favourite things about the day. I'll let them tell you the story:

"It was really sad to hear about lots of children not being able to have food, or being abused. I'm inspired to change the world." - Erika
"I liked Jen and Jas. Their voices were nice." - Ben
"I liked the Queen, Spencer West and the girl with HIV. Her speech helped me because I have Diabetes, and I realized that everyone has something. Spencer overcame obstacles and he's inspiring." - Katie
"I really liked how the kids talked about a boy who changed the world (Iqbal) and a girl who changed the world (Malala). I really liked what the Queen of Jordan said. I think we should work with Free the Children next year." - Gabby
"Something that really stuck with me was when the man talked about walking across Canada and enjoying nature's beauty. I want to fundraise to help people enjoy nature. I also liked the Queen of Jordan. When she was talking, I was really focused. It was inspiring. She said some things that were sad, but also hopeful." - Vickie
"I liked everyting, but mostly I liked the girl with HIV because she stood up for herself. It was really powerful that they thought she was going to die and now she's a teenager. When the children spoke, they had a lot of emotion and power." - Millie
"The girl who talked about her life with HIV and her brothers and sisters said that there are so many wheelchairs and crutches, words can't get through to us." - Madi
"I liked the girl with HIV's speech. She was really inspirational and very determined." - J
"I really liked the girl who was HIV+. She was really inspiring and she had a lot to say about bullying. It was very helpful and her message could be helpful to many more people." - Fiona
"I liked it all!" - Mel
"I really liked Spencer, because it's amazing he accomplished so much." - Anna
"My favourite moments were when Spencer walked our on stage and when Jordan sang 'Freedom' because it was his first time singing that song. I cried." - Hannah

"I liked when Queen Noor talked about how many kids are in poverty and when Spencer said, 'Find your why'." - Clara
"I loved the lights. Whenever somebody would clap, or when someone said something that really meant something to you, you could see all the lights sparkle." - Laryssa
"I liked everything!" - Molly
"My favourite part was everything!" - Pat
"I really liked the HIV+ girl. She was very open to showing that everyone has a staircase. When you get to the top, you're done and you've reached your goals. She has a couple of extra steps and she embraced that." - Sharky