Thursday, 28 March 2013

What Makes a Good Teacher?

You know Kathleen in the office? She and her daughter Elizabeth have been checking out our blog tonight and posted a question for you. Elizabeth is starting university in the fall and will be studying to become a teacher. What she wants to know is "What makes a good teacher?" You've all had several teachers so far and are great commenters, questioners and advice-givers. How can you answer that question? Leave a comment, or a few comments, here. I told her we'd also tweet some answers for her next week.

UPDATE: Thanks for your fabulous, thoughtful comments! Gabby even wrote a post on her blog to answer this!

UPDATE #2: We are tweeting with the hashtag #gt209!


  1. What I think makes a good teacher is:
    -When you get to work with a child one on one so you can know how they like to work and how they can get work done.
    -What I think also makes a really good teacher is when you are able to have some fun while teaching the students.

  2. Awesome ideas, J! Thanks for visting and commenting. I agree that one on one work is so important. Thanks for reminding me! I always try to fit some of that in, but there's always room for more one on one time!

    1. OOPS!! That was actually me, Fiona that wrote that comment . Accidentally commented on J's google account !!! Sorry about that!!

  3. What I think the key is interactivity and creativity to being a good teacher. Leave lots of room for the kids to be creative in the task! Also make the kids feel proud in there work, motivate them! A good teacher is one that the kids will remember in a good way, so help them keep on going! I think it would be great if she talk to Shauna about some strategies.

    P.S. Congrats Liz!

  4. Those are some really good ideas, Pat.

  5. Here is what I think makes a great teacher:
    -You have to be open to trying what the kids think they are best at, after all people learn in different ways on different days.
    -Have fun, every now and then play a game with the kids/teens like blind ogre were you have someone in the middle with their eyes closed (kid/teen) and then they have an elf (Kid/Teen) who is trying to save the elf that has been "caught" and they steal a pair of keys or a rattly object and the ogre has three try's to point to where he/she thinks the elf is. (Remember that they have to keep their eyes closed!)
    -The teacher should be a learner. (A teacher doesn't teach everything a teacher has to have some space to learn from the kids!)
    -Also when you don't feel like teaching get someone in you class to teach a lesson!

    Congratulations Elizabeth!

  6. Come to my Blog. I made a post about it.