Thursday, 21 March 2013

Talent Show!!! Live blogging by Kaleigh and Daniel

We are at the talent show right now it.

it is so exciting right now Bella and Brooke Sophia 's sister Bella and Ethan 's sister are doing cups!

And now some people are doing a MAGIC show it's great

it's done now it's Camden and Jackson playing guitar and ukulele .

we just saw an awesome dance .

now fin is singing a song and playing ukulele It's like omg so good!!!!!

Katie Sophia's BFF is singing when I'm gone.

and now hunter and Liam is playing ukulele are singing waving flag !

Someone dancing to ganam style!!!!!!


and now Ella is singing omg.piano duet .

now Samantha is singing unstoppable everyone is clapping .so peaceful .

cool magic show really good .

now we have ben singing minecraft re mix.

AND now we have guitar it's awesome!!!!!!!


-by Kaleigh and Daniel


  1. I was really nervous!!!

    1. You did really good Finley!! Even though you were nervous you did it!!


  2. Sorry I missed this one. Churchill talent shows are the best!

  3. I am so sorry that I wasn't able to make, but I heard that there is A LOT of talent in this class! I am sending you all a 'virtual round of applause'!! Congratulations!
    Jen - Hunter's mum