Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Thoughtful, Generous Students and a Grateful Teacher by Gabby

A lot of the class signed this card, you can see my name, the card had $100 for UNICEF. Shauna got the card for Christmas. When the gift certificate came, we voted and the money went to Health!

On Shauna's Birthday, Room 209 planned a HUGE Birthday Party during French. Me and Molly were distracting Shauna, not really good 'cause Shauna probably thought that we were doing something! When Shauna went into the classroom, all Room 209 jumped out and surprised her and Shauna started to cry. ("You did? Oh I didn't see!" - Laryssa, with a head smack). At the Birthday Party, there were lots of cards, every person in the class made one or two, because they might have made one at home, there was treats, and presents. People sang "Panjang Umurna", "Woop-en Shauna Style", "I'm Shauna and I Know It", "Octopus' Garden". It was a fun party. We had cupcakes and turtles ("Yeah, the turtles were good" - Laryssa) and other treats.

-by Gabby 

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