Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Our Student Teacher, Kit!

Starting on Monday, we are lucky enough to be getting a Student Teacher, this time one that will actually be in our classroom for four and a half weeks! Kit Barham will be stopping by on Friday to meet us and say hello and then beginning his practicum on Monday. I have been emailing with him and am VERY excited to meet him and have him come join us in our classroom. I know you will all make him feel very welcome and I can tell he's going to be a fantastic addition to Room 209 and help enhance all of our learning!

Kit sent me a short introduction:

"Kit is a mature student currently in the Primary-Junior division of the Bachelor of Education program at the University of Ottawa. He will be with us until about April 24th. Kit has both undergraduate and graduate level education, with a focus on Music Education, Business, and Brennan Healing Science. He is one of the founders of Ottawa Suzuki Strings, a local regsitered charitable music school, a conductor of Stellae Boreales, Canada’s leading children’s violin choir,  and brings his interest in the physical, emotional, and energy bodies to better support teaching the whole child. Some other areas of  interest to him include bio-feedback and mental training, as well as transforming stress through shifis in breathing and emotion to improve learning and performance. Kit loves to sing, and has a passion for children and their learning."

He's also started visiting our blog, so you can leave a comment here to welcome him!

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  1. I am really exited to meet you and work with you, I hope that you will learn more about Room 209 and that Room 209 will learn more about you!