Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Food Drive Challenge by Camden

This year, Churchill has been paired up with RE Wilson, another Ottawa school, on the OCDSB board. The only difference is that RE Wilson has more needy families that are less fortunate. So, this year, we are doing a Food Drive and Penny Drive. At RE Wilson, they have a big cupboard where they keep all non-perishable foods for the families that need food or clothing or other items like that. The needy parents would come and the teachers who know them would let them pick out a few foods that they might like to have. This March Break, we are doing a Food Drive for them so we can fill up their cupboards twice as much so they could live healthy through the March Break. So far, we are doing a challenge, so tomorrow (Thursday), Ray's class has challenged all the Junior classes to see who can get more food to RE Wilson between all the classes!

-by Camden

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