Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The Awesome Choices for Rock of Ages 9-12!

Today in the computer lab, many of the Digital Degus followed the instructions from our latest task and suggested songs for us to bring forward for Rock of Ages 9-12. You may have noticed I was taking part in the conversation! I brought my laptop to my workshop and approved comments as you were posting. It was so fun to be a part of what was going on even though I was halfway across the city!

Below are the song choices that were proposed and fit the criteria. Remember, you had to select a song by a Canadian artist. We didn't talk about whether the song had to be written by a Canadian, so some of you chose versions of songs sung by Canadians. We can decide together whether that fits the criteria.

The songs are an eclectic collection of genres and styles. I am excited to share them with you!

Take some time to watch, listen and reflect. Think about the following big ideas:
-the song we share has to have a message that we can explain to the other classes and back up with evidence from the lyrics
-the artist has to be Canadian
-it has to be a song that can be enjoyed and sung by more than 100 kids
-it will be performed for a wide range of ages and preferences
-some students may want to contribute by playing instruments (like ukuleles)

Sk8r Boi - Avril Lavigne

Little Boxes - Walk Off the Earth

Stutter - Marianas Trench

Wake Up - Arcade Fire

Hasn't Hit Me Yet - Blue Rodeo

I Knew You Were Trouble - Walk Off the Earth

Take a Minute - K'Naan

You Can't - Jason and the Diatonics

Heart of Gold - Neil Young

Like a Hurricane - Neil Young

Believe - Justin Bieber

Thank you to all of the Digital Degus who made thoughtful suggestions. Your job now is to enjoy the videos and think about which one you'll vote for next week. You may leave a comment if you wish and/or make a post on your own blog.

The following students still need to do a job: Cohen, Daniel, Ethan, Vickie, Jackson, Erika, Laryssa, Lauren, Liam and Miguel.

The songs are now proposed, so you won't be able to do the last task.

Your job now will be to comment on your top two songs here. You must write a comment below listing three juicy reasons you like for EACH of those two songs (total of six reasons). Use your best academic writing and double check before hitting publish. Please do this as homework by Monday.


  1. These are really cool songs and I hope we do either Stutter or I Knew You Were Trouble. They are best out of all of them, I like them better than my choice!

    (I can't sign into my account because I am on somebody else's computer...)

  2. Hi Shauna i also think we should little boxs it
    it is such a good message and vary cachy
    and not vary hard words to learn.

  3. Hi Shauna,

    here are my really juicy comments

    I know you were trouble:

    I think the girl is really mad at someone who got

    her in trouble ,and what was extremely cool about

    the song is that it sounded like they were using

    istruments but they were doing the instrument sounds

    with their mouth!and it sounds like a band but they

    are just making the sounds with their mouth!

    and all though it was a really in expensive video

    it was a really cool song!

    avril lavigne sk8r boi

    the girl and the boy broke up because they felt that

    they had nothing in common because her boyfriend was

    a skater boy and she did balet classes so they

    thought that they had nothing in common

    but then her x boyfriend became a superstar and

    became famous!and the video costed a lot of money

    because there is a guitar,a house,a car, and a whole

    bunch of things!plus a huge helicopter at the end of

    the video!

  4. Littel boxes

    1. we did cradboard city's fun and good

    3. it's funny and joyful

  5. Take a minute

    1. good song

    2. not many kid will do it I think

    3. it's uniqe (supper good song)

  6. I like when you made the house.

    I like when you drew on the boxes.

    I like that you bild the instruments.

  7. I like little boxs because
    1.they made their insemints

    2.they must be famous because they make they own music foot taps on the ground evey time i hear little boxs

    4.its my kind of music

    5.its like card board city but with

    6.i mit make a song like little boxs but diferint

  8. littel boxes

    1. it's creative

    take a minute

    1. it's a careing,thankful song

  9. 1.I think we should do little boxes because its easy to sing
    2.A lot of people no little boxes
    3.Its unuque for a lot people

  10. They all are very cool songs but I think we should do stutter or I new you were trouble.