Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Monkey Math

What does this monkey have to do with math?

We watched this video yesterday at our workshop. Can you infer why? Can you figure out a connection between this monkey and learning math?


  1. Thomas is amazing20 March 2013 at 16:13

    Did the monkey peel from the bottom or top of the banana?

  2. Hi Thomas,

    The monkey peeled from what we think of as the "bottom" of the banana. Why do you think the Math Coaches showed this video to a whole bunch of grade 4-5 Math teachers?

  3. I think that this video is related to math because he has to know how many peels to make before it is done peeled completely.

  4. Interesting thought, Fiona. Do you think monkeys process in terms of numbers? Do you think he's counting his peels as he goes?

    1. I'm not to sure but I think he might count as he goes.

  5. OK, how about another way to look at the video. Think of the woman talking to the monkey. What does she say? Does the monkey do what she says? Does he come up with a better idea on his own?

    Think of when I'm giving instructions in class...imagine me as that voice, and the monkey as all my students learning. I'm not saying you are all monkeys, though sometimes you act like you are!

    Can you make any other connections?