Friday, 1 March 2013

Map Show What You Know Coming Up!

In Room 209, we have been practicing with the world map and Canada maps.
Next Friday, March 8th, we will have a Show What You Know. Students will get two blank maps. One with the continents and oceans (see a filled in version above), and another one with the provinces/territories and capital cities.
Sorry these maps are upside-down. Isaac was doing a head-stand! You have your own copies to practice from in your Social Studies duo-tangs!
Here are some study tips we brainstormed:
-take it home, practice without looking!
-practice writing out the list, check it in your book
-write all the words down, try to memorize
-look at the map for a while, try to familiarize yourself, test yourself to see if you can memorize it, practice
-work with a friend or family member
-make up tricks (mnemonic devices)
-colour code to help you remember which is which!

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