Friday, 1 March 2013

Ukuleles by LIam

Ukulele is a fun instrument and it's popular in our school. Ukulele practice is on Thursdays and  somethimes on Wednesday and Friday at lunch recess. We play ukulele Tuesday afternoon in class. Owen teaches us ukulele and he's a fun ukulele teacher. The songs that we've learned are "Some Nights", "Somebody That I Used to Know", "Another Brick in the Wall" and some others. Today, in Ukulele Club, I learned a new chord called D-7. It inspired me to get a ukulele and go to ukulele lessons!

-by Liam


  1. I love playing the ukulele, it's probably one of my favorite instruments.
    Owen is the BEST ukulele teacher!

  2. Play on Liam!
    Mom :)