Wednesday, 6 March 2013

O'Canada Challenge to Welcome Pandas

I sent this memo out to the staff tonight and Dana and I have been chatting about it on email. I wonder if we can come up with a creative song to enter this contest with? Dana's idea was really good, she thought of singing "Safe Here".

Two giant pandas are coming from China to live at the Toronto Zoo for five years. FedEx is holding a contest, inviting Ontario schools to send in a video of their school "band/ensemble" performing any song. Then, they'll pick their top entries and have people vote for several days (starting March 14th). We'd only have Thursday or Friday to pull this together.

What do you think? Can we come up with something great? We'd have to upload the video to YouTube...

We are going to sing "We Are Going to Be Friends" in Dana's room at 11:10 a.m. tomorrow (Friday, March 8th).

Please wear a plain red, black or white top.

Please practice your singing, and if you have an instrument and want to practice that and bring it in, feel free to do that as well!

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