Sunday, 17 March 2013

On the Digital Degus' Blogs - March Break Edition

I love seeing what is going on in your lives and your minds by reading your blogs! Thanks so much for sharing them. I especially love when I visit one of your blogs and read a post that extends my own thinking and I can see that you've really taken an idea and run with it. It's really wonderful to see when you comment on each others' blog posts, too and continue the conversation! Keep up the great blogging work, Digital Degus!

Gabby hilariously starts off a post saying she did "nothing" on March Break and then proceeds to tell about thirteen different stories about her awesome adventures on March Break! Her "nothing" sure sounds like a great time!

Steve took a holiday at Fiona's house on the March Break. She says he had a "pretty good time". I'd love to hear what that looked like!

Mel is enjoying her holiday in sunny Florida! Check out her funny post about wacky golf carts! (And ask her to bring back some warmth and sunshine!)

Please let me know if you can get all the videos to work on Miguel's blog. He's been working hard to post all kinds of things, and my computer is not letting me see what he's been up to!

Hmm...Thomas has been busy too, but I can't see his videos or links. Is anyone else having the same problem?

Molly looks like she had an incredible time in Costa Rica with her family. I told her to say hello to monkeys for me! She went to an animal rescue centre and I'm pretty sure she did!

Pat reviewed a movie that I'd never heard of and asked a very compelling question about the meaning behind one of our favourite picture book heroes!

Sophia's warning post made me chuckle! I'm sure there's more of a story behind this one!

Vickie asked her readers what they were going to do for March Break. Now that it's over, you should visit her blog and leave a comment to let her know what you did!

I look forward to reading new posts by Camden, Fin, Jackson and Liam!

I don't know about you, but for me the week just FLEW right by! I can't believe it's Sunday night already and I'll be seeing you all bright and early tomorrow. I hope everyone had a wonderful week off and you are all feeling refreshed and ready to learn together! See you tomorrow!
n't wait to read new posts by Camden, Fin, Jackson and Liam!

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