Wednesday, 23 April 2014

World Water Summit

Today, the Rainbow Eggheads had an absolutely AMAZING culminating project to end off our Social Studies unit. We had the first ever World Water Summit attended by (mock) members of the Canadian levels of government, international organizations and charities.

Most exciting, we live streamed the whole event via Google Hangouts on Air and many of our parents and friends tuned in, even submitting questions for the panelists.

Sara and I could not be more proud and impressed with the work the Rainbow Eggheads did and their amazing, confident, knowledgable sharing. 
We debriefed the Summit and talked about some other issues related to water that were raised at the Summit. One viewer asked if bottled or tap water was better. We had varying opinions, and watched this video to learn about "Manufactured Demand".

We were so inspired by the ideas in this "Story of Stuff" video that we have our next art project idea...Honest Advertisements!

A HUGE thank you (many hip-hip-yeahs) to our AWESOME student teacher, appropriately named Sara Awesome for her guidance on this terrific project!

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