Friday, 4 April 2014

What Stuck With Us - Thursday, April 3rd on the Edible Arctic Field Trip!

Notes and learnings from the Museum of Nature:
-Greenland is not green and the name was to trick people into thinking it was lush green
-There are no trees in Greenland since it's above tree land
-Rockets,bombs and shelters are still left from when there was an army base there
-Illouloustat ice fojrd is where all the iceburgs come from,the one that sank the titanic was born here!
-Polar bear skin is black
-Walrus smell bad even from a 1/2 kilometer away
-polar bear fur is like little needles
-you can get lindor chocolate for 90 cents
-One of my favourite parts of the museum was the water with the little cute sea creatures.
-And one of my other favourite parts were when we had fish that tasted like candy, and the AWESOME hot chocolate with MARSHMALLOWS, and the bread that was a little sweat and fluffy all at the same time.
-we have more snow in canada than in the arctic.
Today learning about Green Land stuck with me, I loved learning that cheerios there cost $9:99 but a chocolate bar (a big one) is only 99 cents! Also that the whole population of Green Land is 40,000 people! I also enjoyed all the games, I liked the one where you lift up your leg 3 times and then lock your leg to your partners and you try to move your partner, but me and my partner just stayed there, we had equal strength! Also with my separate group, when we went to the cave in the rooks and minerals gallery, it was a great time to write in our books! We did a lot more, but if I wrote everything, this would take centuries to read!I hope we can do something like this again sometime Vickie
what stuck with me from museum was...

1.the inuit games

2.the speech

3.the earth exipet
What stuck with me today is This:

1. i learned that we in ottawa actually surprisingly get more snow than the arctic!

2. i learned that in Greenland it's not green at all!

3. there's no tree's in Greenland because it's too cold

4. i learned that in Greenland they actually made tiny
beads out of animal's bone and put it onto women's clothing!
but it took at least 2 - 3 years to make the clothing

5. And, i also learned that Lindor chocolate bars in Greenland are only $0.99!
but here it's 5 whole dollars! but then at Greenland the cereal boxes are $9.99!

And that's what i have today for what stuck with me!
I had lots of fun at the museum today. My favorite part was eating the food and drinking the hot chocolate. I learned some new really fun games and I made some poems. Some of them are: Muskox, muskox, muskox, staring down a wolf. and: the moose makes makes a strange platypus face. I really want to go there again sometime in the future. Yaro!
!. the guy who drew those pictures for our group
@. i learned what a ice gjoud is it is a birthplace for ice burgs
#. i learned that even if you don't get to see the exhibits that you wanted you should still try to enjoy learning about new things
$. i learned that inuit did really crazy things for fun
%.i learned that a comet triggered tsunamis and avalanches that killed dinosaurs
1-the native peoples of the north played games like finger pull (its one of the only inuit games i'm good at ) during blizzards and snowstorms to keep their bodies fit for hunting and other labors like it

2-whale tastes like chewy tuna

3- they changed the inflatable whale to a jelly fish

4- out of the following: a cup of coffee a glass of orange juice or a cup of tea a cup of tea takes the most water!
the museum
this is my poem. bones so strong teeth so red now it bits off your hede
there is a vary BIG Turtle called Archelon
a fun game stick your midal finger in your parson moth and your parson well do the same then pull.
1. Jared. His experiences sounded so cool. I wish I was able to do that stuff.
2. The food. I wish I lived in the arctic if they actually eat food like that. I've eaten allot of Bannock (I'm in Scouts) but that was definitive some of the best.
3. I find it really cool how with modern Technology we can figure out so much about dinosaurs that lived millions of years old.
See you on Monday! I'm going skiing at Mont Tremblant.Pat
The three things that stuck with me today are...
1. That Italic, Greenland has a population of only 80 people. And in that town, they have really colorful houses that match the colors of your boat and dogsled. And when for example, a boast went floating away, they would know who it belongs to, pink house, pink boat.
2. The other thing that stuck with me today was that we get more snow than the Arctic does.
3. The last, but not least thing that stuck with me today was the Inuit games. It was really interesting how challenging they were. The games were really strength directed. It was really cool trying to do real games that Inuit did.

I loved the field trip today, it was so fun and educational!! I want to do more field trips like the one today.
The Arctic has less snow then Ottawa.Green land dose NOT have trees.3 football files FULL of DOGS. Kaleigh!!!!
The presentation stuck with me because I thought that his adventures were cool and I liked all the facts he gave me. The second thing that stuck with me was the Inuit games because I liked the mouth pull game. The third thing that stuck with me was the bread and the salmon outside because it was YUMMY! I hope that we do another field trip to another museum Nils
what stuck with me was how there are more them 900,000 bugs in the world because it is so grouse
and that their are around 8000,000 frogs because its so cool. And i cant forget about the awesome guy who did the drawing with too hands!!!!!
The bird with the feathery feet.And the facts about all the things in the scavenger hunt. Like polar bears cant hunt when the ice melts.Also the raw salmon.Natapus likes the museum of nature.Natapus
intuits played some awesome games,blubber feels weird and the nature museum is REALLY interesting. i would really like to go to tag zone as a classphilip matthew sohn gutierrez
-I did n't know that the was only 4 stop sign in Greenland
-this guy drew with 2 pencils
-the museum was amazing and articablelissos
Aaron McLeod
The Arctic games stuck with me today. I really enjoyed the leg wrestle game, and the mouth grabbing game. I also really liked the food, and i thought that the smoked salmon was AMAZING!

Here is a poem that I wrote:

Standing tall
And strong
And proud
He is a guardian of the forest
He moves with grace
He disappears
In the forest
What stuck with me today at the museum was the speech. I cant wait for when I am in high school so then I can do the Students On Ice program. I also learned that there is a place called "Disco Bay" and that trees cant grow in Greenland. I really liked the games they were really fun but they hurt! Gabby
Here are my three things that stuck with me today
1- was the scavenger hunt because it was a good fun challenge to go around the museum.
2- what's also stuck with me was a cool fact it was the largest turtle in the prehistoric times was the Archelon.
3-I really liked the field trip because of all the exhibits and my behavior was good till the end
Museum of nature was so fun!Thomas!
The four things that's stuck with me is, Italic has a population of only 80 people, polar bears skin is black, India used to have the biggest explosions and in Ilulissat they only have 4 traffic lights in the whole country!!!!!!!!Hannah
I learned that there are only 4 traffic lights in the whole country of Greenland.

-I learned that there is a town in Greenland that only has population 80.

-We get more snow than the arctic.

-There are around 900,000 insects living.

-The foggiest place on earth is Grand banks (just off Newfoundland.) it has average 200 foggy days a year.
no! Millie
What stuck with me was the fact that we have more snow than the arctic, how the man could draw with two hands, and that an island in greenland only has 80 people!the mouth-pull game was AWESOME!Camden
The museum, the food and the speech/slideshow was really entertaining and interesting Miguel
today what stuck with me was the guy who drew us stuff.Ellis
Wow, the trip to the museum was so fun, I didn't know that people from Greenland (Gronland) played soccer, and be good at it. The minerals and rocks area was awesome, you could make your own earthquake, oh I saw some "whales" in some of the exibits.Johnny W. Kurelek III


  1. Looks like you learned lots on your trip to the Museum. Did you learn anything about Iceland? Cause Iceland is actually green..crazy.

  2. no we didn't learn anything about Iceland.
    we just learned about Greenland.