Friday, 4 April 2014

What Stuck With You Today? April 4th, 2014

The thing that stuck with me today is Ryan. I really enjoyed having him here. He inspired me a lot to do more fundraising!Fiona
Today Ryan from Ryan's well stuck with me.I found it inspiring to just be in the same room as him!
The eco project stuck with me today also,it was amazing to learn from them.I never knew that farmers putting chemicals on their fields could lead to it getting in our fresh water
The presentation in the gymYaro!
Ryan came in and It was awesome and I loved it!

And the science fair in the gym was also kinda cool.
Today whats stuck with me is all of the funny jokes we did and RYAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hannah
When Ryan came in.What stuck with YOU todayJackson
What stuck with me was the fact that I finished my ketchup work, because I was worried I wouldn't I now I did.Camden
whats stuck with you today
the fun the sun the bio-graphyes
and the also RYAN the speaker and the fun S T O P M O T I O N…
Aaron McLeod
What stuck with me today was Leadership club! It was really fun and I can't believe that Ryan came today!Gabby
today i learned that i need to find a way of keeping
track of all of my mustard work better
because today i had to miss genius our
because i didn't have all of my mustard work done.
our science show i'm so exited for mine and ryan coming inLaryssa
When I try to take the lead on projects I cant work because to many people disagree and i'm too stressed to be productive so I try to take control and yell at people and people yell at me so when I work I need a group of like under 3 people so i'll try to improve on that : IHUNTER!!!
That we use up a lot of energy and water.LOVING THE CHROMEBOOKS GETS ME THROUGH MY DAY!MeL
whales are in danger
so are turtles and barn owls
what stuck with me was that sometimes things really don't work out Madi
- ryan is a amazing speaker and helpful to our class
-I liked the science stuff in the gym
SCHOOL IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!A@r0n
Was science because it was very interesting to see people present interesting facts and i learned a lot about the different projects. What also stuck with me was the show what you now because now i know i need to work more on the four bins i will work on them during jump math if there is free timeIm excited for the weekend!Thomas!
Leadership club stuck wit me today, but unfortunately I couldn't be there the whole time because of sports club.NOPE.Jack
The echo show in the gymMiguel
I am glad that we had reading buddie time, I a glad that Ryan could make it.Johnny W. Kurelek III

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