Wednesday, 16 April 2014

What Stuck With You Today? Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

Game on stuck with me today i learned how much sugar is in coco colaJackson
WHat stuck with me today was game on i learn how much sugar is in one coca cola its 7 teaspoons. What also stuck with me was language because i got a lot of biography done.Thomas!
Working on our biography stuck with me today, because I have now started my second draft of my entire biography.NOPE.Jack
What stuck with me today was the last block of the day. I got a lot of my work done on the World Water Summit. Gabby
Coding! Doing the coding for like 2 hour's was so much fun! I think we should do it again soon, it was hard but educational! Also doing the unicorn hunt was cool, it was like being a detective and having to solve the case!Nope.Vickie
coding was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!3llis
The water summit is what stuck with me

and also I worked on my biography\

and the missing unicorn
Today what stuck with me is "cozy coding day"
i practiced coding and it's really cool!
Today I had TONS A TONS A TONS A TONS A TONS A FUN!!!!!!!!!!! (with the unicorn hunt). I also think I got some good work done.Yaro!
what stuck with me was unie going missing because it was super fan to go on a hunt for him Madi
The thing that stuck with me the most is the social studies project. I am really excited to finish it and present it. I am liking it more than I thought I would like it. Fiona
degu in shauna's pocket and unicorn mysteryA@r0n
there was a huge E - coli incident in walkerton during 2000 and E - coli gas some really gruesome side effects WAHOOHUNTER!!!
ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm..... stuff laryssa
I am glad that we get to dance, what a day. I loved the kidnapping of Madi's Uni.LETS CAPTURE THERE WEE BONNIE. Johnny
cozy codign dayMIGUEL
people can change and i can finish worki am going to change completely and we should really have more **8*cozy-code*8** days philip 

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