Wednesday, 30 April 2014

What Stuck With Us - Friday, April 25th

What stuck with me friday was the kids we visited at Hawthorne.They were really fun and I liked how inventive the activity was.I also really liked on dog Harley,she was so nice.Clara
What stuck with my on Friday was going to Hawthorne, because it was a good chance to kill two birds with one stone - see many cultures, and play with grade 1/2s, something we probably don't normally do here at churchill.Camden
Those cats and dogs at the humane society. And that kids in the place where Shauna went (idk how to spell) have to make there own toys.Nat
i don't know i don't remeberKaleigh!!!!
Whats stuck with me from Friday is when we went to the humane society, I learnt so much like for example, they get in more casts than dogs because not a lot of people spay/neuter their cats so they have more babies and they can't take care off a lot of cats and/or they don't microchip their cats if they lose them they can't find him/her. Also the humane society is stuck with me because I'm either going to adopt a bunny, two hamsters or four mice!Hannah
Going on a field trip to Hawthorne Public School and to the Humane Society.thanks friends, fellow classmates.Johnny
plastic bags are fun to play with and so are grade 1ers and WHY THE HECK IS OUR YARD SO SMALL!! >: ( how about we make it go under ground and be like an underground playground and make a maze and get lost and unleash grievers a and test the kids who get lost just like the maze runnerRetnuh (hunter)
Today learning about the different things about how to take care of animals if you want a pet. Also having meet the other class, I learned that you can have so much fun with new people and so much fun with plastic bags!Nope.Vickie
(friday) I was not at school friday so nothing stuck with me other than having a sore throat.Millie
The thing that stuck with me Friday, is the field trip to Hawthorne. I loved hanging out with the younger kids. They were so friendly and chatty. I also really liked the teacher, he was nice too. The crafts that we did were really cool. I actually went home and made another plastic ball. Fiona
That our school really isn't multicultural compared to other schools in Ottawa.Nope.Pat
What stuck with me on friday was the field trips it was interesting to learn about the human society and the grade 1 and 2 were very fun to play and make stuff with.Thomas!
what stuck with me on friday was the 1/2 class.Jackson 

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