Wednesday, 2 April 2014

What Stuck With Us Today? April 2nd, 2014

I loved filming the stop motion and I thought it was really cool!
And I also LOVED Charlotte's autism announcement. It was so adorable and I almost teared up :')
Today salsa stuck with me today.I liked learning the new steps to the dance,also stop motion stuck with me.I learned that it's a lot harder to film it then to think what will happen.In the end it worked out wellClara
salsa isn't that bad and Autism is really sad and badWATCH ATTACK ON TITAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! or shingeki no kyojin (same thing)HUNTER!!!
The talk about the titles for your biography because it gave me new good ideas for biography titles .
The salsa was also fun.
What stuck with me today was gym! It was my favorite block today and it probably it will be in the future. I wish Sara didn't have to leave so soon. Gabby
Today the new salsa move stuck, like last week, it was totally fun! I love the new move, it looks soooo cool!
Also filming our stop motion stuck, my group started and finished the filming!
Not todayVickie
i learned a new side to side dance move LOVE THE SALSA AND CHROMEBOOKS!!!MeL
nothin' really stuck with meThe day was fun on a bunYaro!
there are a lot of moves in salsaphilip matthew sohn gutierrez gomez
the salsa dancing was so fun and i like the new move the bestnoskye
The biography chapter titles.I will now be referred to as Natapus!!!Natapus
i loved dancing as always and the bio thing with the partner Kaleigh!!!!
What stuck with me is salsa because I like the new step! Its really fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Have a good 'rest' of the day!!!!!!!!!!Hannah
it jumping outside in stuff was fun and wet lol and also the mathMiguel
the dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What stuck with me was the biography title reading - I got a lot of help for my biography chapter titles!Camden
salsa because i thinking of performing Aaron McLeod
toda what stuck with me is salsa dancing! because
i learned 1 more move!
The Autism videos. Now I know how it feels!Nope.Pat
Was game on because we talked about stress and what it does and it was interesting to see where different people feel the stress some feel in head and some feel in stomach . What also stuck with me was learning about autism it was really cool to see what they hear different than what we hear. FUN ON A BUN!Thomas!
Dodgeball stuck with me today because it was fun, and there was lots jailbreaks after the first 5 minutes.NOPE.Jack
what stuck with me today was Game On we did dodgeball.What stuck with YOU today.Jackson

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