Wednesday, 30 April 2014

What Stuck With Us Today? Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

What stuck with me today was Shauna bringing in the new muppet and the super hero things.Gabby
Whats stuck with me is GoGirls because it was really fun and I'm now excited for every Wednesday.Hannah
not really anything i have been brainwashed and can't remember any part of today and checking the day book would ruwin the pupose of what stuck with you todayfrankenstein
Today what stuck with me was hacked learning.I can't wait to help do lesson planing with my classmates.It'll be really fun! Clara
1. The "Hacked Classroom".
2. The "Hacked Classroom" dude's hair.

The hacked classroom looks so cool because we would get to do all sorts of awesome things but with following the curriculum. Nils
The thing that stuck with me today was the hacked school. I think that kid raised an excellent [point and I am really inspired about his Tedx talk and I am also really excited to get thinking on ideas. The other thing that stuck with me today was the test. I think it was so cool to see the amount of creativity on the second drawing, it was a really cool "science" experiment. Fiona
WHat stuck with me was everything to do with the Hacked Schooling. That kid was awesome, and I found it interesting to see what others think we could do differently here at churchill. I also liked the drawing assignment. How the way you say something affects the way others think.Camden
Today finishing my bridlewood letter stuck because my buddy had a very interesting letter so I could make an interesting letter back! Also starting project massive google doc. stuck because I can't wait to do more with it and maybe share it with some people. Not today.Vickie
if you tell a kid to draw a picture right and you tell a kid to draw a picture the second one will be waaaaaaaaaaay better and more colurfullpeeps are tastyHUNTER!!!
I am glad that we got another muppet and we talked about competitiveness.Degus are cute. These chilean animals are cute. These cute chilean animals bring us joy with happiness.Johnny
What stuck with me today was the drawing test it was really cool to see peoples imagination on the paper.WHat also stuck with me today was the day i got a lot of work done Thomas!
the drawing imagination test stuck with me today.Jack
The point drawing thing.Natapus
what stuck was me was the drawing thingEllis
I liked the drawing thingie. I drew a house and a mountain my second time. I also had fun doing indoor recess.not todayYaro
THe drawing testi am jrrrr son on lrrr the ruler of omacron percie 8
i learned how to use read and write I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE CHROMEBOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!! MeL
GYM!!!! and The Drawing TestJackson!
I am bored and did not enjoy todayNoAlex
that drawing thing and hacked schooling Aaron McLeod
What stuck with me yesterday was benny wars.It was pretty interesting because we did boys VS girls.The boys won all 6 rounds.But it was interesting since we changed our strategies up every round and we really worked as a team.Clara

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