Wednesday, 23 April 2014

What Stuck With Us Today? - April 23rd, 2014

The world Water Summit.
-I never knew that some bottled water companies just take tap water and take stuff out of it
-I never knew that there was a charity called water can and I never knew what they did
Bottle water is EVIL! I already knew it but our class was reminded of the terror of being at their mercy.Natapus
i'm overwhelmed by awesomeness and don't know what to writecan we do the where project ?
me gabbs and vicky would like to sing a song for the class
I LOVED the world water summit because I thought it was so professional we had name tags, it was so cool we live streamed it, everybody had really interesting presentations and it was completely set up with chars and you got assigned seats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THE SUMMIT WAS EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!Nils
What stuck with me today was the World Water Summit. It was so much fun! I really liked everyones presentations they were all really good. I can't wait to do the art project Shauna told us about! My idea for the art project is some meat all wrapped up and then on the top it will say "This is murder." Gabby
The World Water Summit! It was awesome, and we did a great job, with so much information, that was so cool! Now we TOTALLY understand water conservation!Camden
i lered that wotter bottle is better then a bottle of wattermolly
1. How much people who work for charities make.
2. How much corruption in water bottle companies there is.
>alot of people don't have clean or save water
>so many other things
Today, the world water summit stuck with me(surprise, it was awesome!) I think we should do something like it again soon, I had so much fun representing the Aboriginal Affairs, I learned so much about so many amazing organizations and levels of government! I also liked the talk about the world water summit, and bottled water, I never knew so much about how bottled water effects you, I thought it was safer!Yes, I do, me and Larry and maybe Gabbs have a song we want to present, can we do that sometime in grade 5 (6)?!Vickie
- some organizations are liars
- that the government does more than we know
today what stuck with me was the world water summit i was very impressed of shauna & sara's effort to make this fun for us.3llis

what stuck with me today was the water summit and GYM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Jackson
What stuck with me today was the water summit because of too reasons i learned that you get paid a quarter of a million dollars for working for a charity second thing is I learned how young Ryan was when he wanted to start raising money at the of 6!The water summit was awesome!Thomas!
bottled water is evil and will cause the apocalypse and kill us all to death

we are gonna do a fun art project
The thing that stuck with me today is the World Water Summit. I really enjoyed it and I loved presenting and listening to everyone else present. I am so impressed on how much thought and work Sara put into it and how much my classmates knew. I thought I was going to be nervous, but I actually wasn't nervous at all. Fiona
The world water summit stuck with me today, Me Camden and Aaron were representing the United Nations. I was very surprised to find how much of a percentage of the money donated to some charities goes to the people that work there.NOPE.Jack
Some water bottles are very very bad for your health.
and also IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!
the water summitmIgUeL
i loved the world water summit but it was sort of scary to go in front of the world.
and i noticed that every time someone saw the camera they would somewhere else
Wow... The WWS was amazing it was soooo good, my classmates are the best at doing this. I wonder if anybody famous watched. Goodbye to Osman, Sara, I am going to miss you so much.WWS stands for World Water SummitJohnny
I liked the world water summit alot and i thought it went very well. I think we should have got it on time more and we should not have had waterAlex
today what stuck with em was the world water summit!
i loved it! and i learned more about water and the world!
and also there was a video that we watched in class about bottled water
and how it's really bad for you.
Specific parts of the sharing. Allot of the poems were really good.Nope.Pat
What stuck with me was the sharing, because The video was interesting, the poems were great and the singing was great too!Camden
earth day i shard a poem and it was scaryKaleigh!!!!
What stuck with me yesterday was working on the World Water Summit. I think I got a lot of work done.Gabby
The thing that stuck with me the most yesterday, was practicing the World Water Summit. I am really excited and nervous at the same time. I am also really excited to see other people's WWS. Fiona
I am glad that I had a great day of school, which was inspired from my classmates.Johnny
doing my wreck on the drive at homenoskye

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