Tuesday, 15 April 2014

What Stuck With Us - April 14th, 2014

how you find the address of a schoolIts really really hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to find a school adresss332724517 (hunter )
I learned from Shellie that you should wear sunscreen all year round even in the winter.

I also refreshed on factors and multiples and figured out that it is very easy.
Today what stuck with me was one of the Sara science show topics.I never knew that lightning comes from the ground.I also thought that lightning would kill fish but I never thought that they weren't grounded so it wouldn't work to shock them unless they're close to the surface.

Also the Canadian Mail Races stuck with me.I can't wait to write a letter to someone who I don't know,I think this will be a fun activity.
Today what stuck with me was that if you don't have Heath card then you can't really go to see doctors and so I went to a doctors office and they didn't take me so then we went to a different one and they said no and then we went to a pharmesis and they said we should see a doctor and then we went home and Lorne my moms friend talked to his doctor and finally I went to a doctor So TIREDKaleigh!!!!
I liked the healthy eating lesson Sara did because I thought it was cool how she showed us how much of each food group you should eat every day.Nils
I am glad that we are participating in the Canadian Mail Race.Flash
What stuck with me today was health class because i know now if i want to be healthy i should follow the guide. what also stuck with me was sara's science show i learned new things about lightning mostly.Thomas!
I learned A LOT about electricity (especially lightning) and energy. Yaro!
Madi's presentation about how lightning works. I found it really interesting how lightning actually goes from the ground to the sky/.Nope.Pat
what stuck with me was the shocking percent of how much people don't have clean drinking water Madi
new class jobs.3llis
Today opening the Great Canadian Race letter was awesome! I can't wait to write my letter!

Also starting our groups for the summit was awesome, and I am so excited to so more with it!
Not today!Vickie
The thing that stuck with me the most was the One Well book. The information that was in the book was really interesting and kinda sad. I think it was a really good book. Fiona
nothing reallyMiguel
today what stuck with me is sara's science show!
i learned more things about energy, and electricity!
The science show stuck with me today, because I thought that Philip's idea to create energy using a hamster wheel was very interesting.NOPE.Jack
I learned about science and electricity. I also learned more about using my chromebook.Alex
alot but i dont remember so you cant ask me.nophilip matthew sohn gutierrez gomez
science show and the warm weather A@r0n
the great canadian mail raceLaryssa
what stuck with me today was math. factors and multiples make so much sense now. Jackson

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