Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Where Challenge

Hello Room 209 Scientists,

  Based on our favourite Scientist, Bill Nye, and his "Stuff Happens" series I have devised an exciting Science project for you to work on. We spoke very briefly about this in class, but here is a little more info about the Where Challenge to get your mind working....

  Earth Sciences Canada challenges kids all over the country to ask the simple question - Where?

  What makes your stuff? WHERE does it come from? Think about the things you use everyday, they don't just appear out of nowhere, although it might seem like that sometimes! Everything that we use, from toilet paper to pencils to computer mice to our chairs, use minerals, energy and resources to create!

  Your mission for this project is to select an item that you haven't really thought about before, but use regularly and then ask WHERE?

We'll talk a lot more in class about the expectations, but for now, get thinking!

Here are some links to inspire you:

The WHERE Challenge
How It's Made

We are going to do the WHERE Challenge as a class project, and when our projects are completed, with your parents' permission you MAY send in your project to enter officially.

Molly and I LOVE the How It's Made crayons video, check it out!


  1. Hey shauna I used to wach this when I was 4 years old!

  2. I love this show!